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A drip tape is the polythene made tube or flexible pipe used for the passing of water to the root zones of crops in a drip irrigation system.

A drip tape is the most important component of a typical drip irrigation system. Without the drip tape, the drip irrigation system cannot work.

The drip tape often has emitters manufactured on it. The emitters function as the device used for the dripping of water in a trickle manner to the roots of plants.

Drip tapes work with low water pressure.

drip tape for irrigation

The drip tape is manufactured from polythene, a derivative of crude oil.

Drip tapes are usually installed on the surface of the soil and beside rows of crops. Drip tapes can also be installed few inches below the surface of the soil. This is for sub-surface drip irrigation system.

A drip tape can also be called a T-tape is a component of a typical micro-irrigation system. Drip tapes are the improved version of microtubings.

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Price of a drip tape in Nigeria

The price of a drip tape in Nigeria varies, some drip tapes are sold at high prices while some are sold for ridiculously low prices.

You should be very careful when it comes to using low prices to choose the type of drip tapes to buy in Nigeria.

Most if not all of the ridiculously cheap drip tapes in Nigeria are sub-standard and of a very low quality. They do not last more than a few months.

The price of a 1500 metres of drip tape in Nigeria varies from N55,000 – N90,000. Also, the price of a 2000 metres drip tape in Nigeria varies from N49,000 – N100,000 depending on the quality.

Characteristics of a drip tape

drip tape in nigeria

A typical drip tape has a lot of characteristics.  These characteristics determine what a drip tape can be used for.

The following are some of the characteristics of a drip tape:

Diameter: The inner and outer diameters of a drip tape are some of the attributes a buyer should look out for.

The commonest drip tapes in Nigeria are the types with a diameter of 16mm. Some small scale farmers in Nigeria also buy drip tapes of diameter of 12mm.

Thickness: the thickness of a drip tape is measured in mils or millimeters. Most of the drip tapes in Nigeria come in thicknesses of 0.20mm and 0.30mm.

Never buy drip tapes based on the thickness alone. Some drip tapes are very thick but they will not last long on your farm. After a few weeks, they may brittle and get bad.

Length: The length of a drip tape is measured in meters. A drip tape can be 2000 meters long, it can also be 1,500 meters long.

Some drip tapes can be as short as 100 metres. In Nigeria, the commonest lengths are 1,500 metres and 2,000 metres.

drip tape for irrigation farming

Emitter Spacing: Most of the drip tapes sold in Nigeria including our brand come with pre-installed inline emitters.

The emitters are placed on the drip tapes at equal distances. These distances can be 10cm, 20cm, 30cm, 50cm or 60cm.

Type of materials used: We only sell drip tapes manufactured with virgin materials. Some drip tapes are also manufactured with recycled materials; these are often times of low quality.

Pressure Compensation: This is how a drip tape will emit water in spite of the topography of the farmland. Some drip tapes are pressure compensating; this means that the drip tapes will emit same quantity of water to plants in spite of the topography of the land.

Benefits of using a drip tape for irrigation

drip tape laying

Using drip tapes for irrigation can increase crop yield significantly. We have customers who have increased their yield by as much as 200% because they used drip tapes for irrigating their crops.

A drip tape can also allow farmers to engage in all year round farming. With all year round farming, farmers can significantly increase their yield.

Drip tapes are also water efficient unlike other types of irrigation.

With drip tapes, farmers can pass their fertilizers and chemicals to plants through the process called fertigation and chemigation. Fertigation can increase the yield of crops whilst also reducing the need for labour.

Drip tapes also reduces the weed pressure on farmlands as they only pass water to the root zones of crops not everywhere on the farmland like sprinklers.

What to look for when buying drip tapes in Nigeria

drip tape on a farmland

The following are some of the things to look out for when buying a drip tape in Nigeria:

  • The quality of the drip tape
  • The length of the drip tape
  • The water emission rate of the drip tape
  • Type of materials used in manufacturing the drip tapes
  • The thickness of the drip tapes
  • The price of the drip tapes

Crops that drip tapes can be used for

drip tape emitting water

Below are some of the crops drip tapes can be used for:

  • Tomato
  • Pepper
  • Onion
  • Cucumber
  • Watermelon
  • Maize
  • Sweet Corn
  • Kale
  • Broccoli
  • Potato
  • Cocoa
  • Plantain
  • Cowpea
  • Cashew
  • Oil Palm etc.

How drip tapes can be used in greenhouses

drip tape for farming

Most greenhouses used in Nigeria have drip tapes.

The drip tapes in greenhouses are used for the irrigation of crops. Drip tapes are the most commonly used type of irrigation in greenhouses in Nigeria.

To use a drip tape in a greenhouse, you just need to lay the drip tapes on the beds or growing medium. You also need to connect a source of water.

Other components that can be used alongside a drip tape

drip tape for irrigating tree crop

The following are some of the components of a typical drip irrigation system that can be used alongside a drip tape:

Connectors: These are the small devices used for the connection of drip tapes to the sub-main hose or pipes.

End Plugs: These are the small devices used to plug the end of the drip tapes. The end plugs prevent water from wasting away from the drip tapes.

Venturi Injector: This is the device used for the injection of fertilizers and chemicals into the drip tapes.

What are the common problems with drip irrigation and how they can be solved?

How to Make Drip Tapes Last Longer

The following ways are how to make drip irrigation tapes last longer:

  • Use filters
  • Use the appropriate water pressure level
  • Do not fertigate insoluble fertilizers or chemicals
  • Ensure that you flush the drip tapes regularly
  • Do not cut the drip tapes with cutlasses, hoes, tractors or any other cutting implement or machine.

Should you need a drip tape in Nigeria, why not contact us through 08025141924 or sales@veggiegrow.ng.

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