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How to Make Your Drip Irrigation System Last Longer

Drip irrigation is widely known for its water and power efficiency capabilities. It is also popular for its crop yielding potentials. In spite of the merits of using drip irrigation, some farmers worry about its longevity.

High quality drip irrigation systems can last for several years. However, if you do not follow the specified guidelines of using a drip irrigation system, your drip irrigation system may not last long.

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What to do to make your drip irrigation system last longer

The following should be done to make your drip irrigation system last longer:

The water pressure and flow should not be higher than what is recommended by the manufacturer. Most drip tapes have a recommended water pressure of 1 bar. You should not exceed this; otherwise, your drip tape may get damaged.

A good filter should be used to remove impurities and other unwanted materials in the water passing through the drip irrigation system. If you do not use a filter for your drip irrigation system, unwanted materials may block the emitters and render the drip irrigation system not good for purpose.

Insoluble fertilizers should not be passed through the drip irrigation system. You should only use soluble fertilizers during Fertigation.

If you weed your farm with cutlasses, hoes and other cutting tools, it will be better if you bury your drip tapes. A cut in the drip tapes may not allow the drip irrigation system to work optimally.

The use of rodenticides is advised if your farm is infested with rodents. Rodents can damage the drip tapes and other parts of the drip irrigation system. If your farm has rodents, you should use rodenticides and traps in order for you to elongate the life of your drip irrigation system.

Tractors and heavy machines should not be used on the farm if the drip tapes are laid on the surface of the farm. If tractors are to be used, the drip tapes should be avoided.

What is Drip Irrigation?

Drip irrigation is a type of irrigation that involves the wetting of the root areas of plants. With drip irrigation, a set of hoses or pipes are used to pass water to the root zones of plants. Drip irrigation is efficient as it conserves water, saves labour requirement and also conserves power.

A typical drip irrigation system consists of pipes, hoses, connectors, end plugs, drip tapes, submains, source of water, venturi injector for Fertigation and Chemigation. The drip irrigation drops water in trickles to the roots of plants, these small droplets of water ensure that the plants optimally use water as the water does not go to waste.

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