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Veggie Grow

Veggie Grow Limited offers solutions such as drip irrigation systems, Power Tillers, Hybrid Seeds, sprinklers and Plastic Mulch etc, these Farm Technologies boost yield and profitability of the average farmer. Our company is staffed by experts, who have worked in the agribusiness space in Europe.

Veggie Grow is staffed by experts who have worked in the agribusiness space in Europe, Asia and Africa for several years.

Our Mission

We aim to improve the lives of the average farmer in Nigeria by encouraging the use of cheap and innovative farm technologies and tools.

Profit is the objective of all farmers, with our solutions, farmers in Nigeria are sure to maximize profit whilst utilizing the least amount of resources. We also set out to help the environment by introducing farmers to more Earth friendly farm inputs.

We also set out to help the environment by introducing farmers to more Earth friendly farm inputs.

Our goal is to make farming brain fed in Nigeria instead of rain fed. Farmers will be able to farm in the dry season by using our cheap irrigation kits and other farm technologies.

Drip Irrigation System

A typical drip irrigation system consists of drip tapes or tubes, sub-main pipes, connectors and the fertigator (Venturi Injector or Dosing Pump) connected to a source of water (borehole, well, dam, river or stream etc.

Drip irrigation remains one of the most innovative forms of irrigation today.

Benefits of Drip Irrigation

Drip Irrigation involves the passing of water to the roots of plants through the use of emitters, lined in tube-like pipes for efficient absorption of water.

Fertigating with drip irrigation system can increase your yield by 50 – 200% whilst reducing labour by up to 60%.

Drip Irrigation is like passing water to a dehydrated person through the veins rather than pouring it on the body.

Rain Gun Sprinkler

We sell quality rain gun sprinklers to our customers in Nigeria and the West Africa sub region. A rain gun sprinkler can be used to irrigate crops. It can be used for large acreages of farmland.

Plastic Mulch

Veggie Grow sells all types of plastic mulch in Nigeria. Plastic mulch also called mulching film or mulch film is a form of UV treated polyethylene used for suppressing weed, conserving water and increasing the yield of crops. We stock black plastic mulch, silver on black plastic mulch, red plastic mulch and other types of mulch.

Design and Installation of Greenhouses

We design and install greenhouses, poly tunnels, shade houses and other types of protected farming structures for our customers. We can also design a hydroponic farm for you. We also market greenhouse coverings. Our greenhouses are fitted with drip irrigation and other technologies that will make you record good yield and smile to the bank.

Spray Tubes

Veggie Grow stocks spray tube irrigation kits. Spray tubes are sprinkler like irrigation pipes or hoses used for irrigating crops. They are very similar to sprinklers.


Fertilisers provide nutrients for your crops or plants. At Veggie Grow, we sell quality fertilizers and soil amendments.

We stock NPK fertilizers, urea, potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate, Calmag, mono ammonium phosphate, mono potassium phosphate, chelates, humic acid, potassium humate, fluvic acid, diammonium phosphate (DAP), muriate of potash and potassium sulfate etc.

Shade Net

We stock high quality shade nets. Our shade net can be used for covering greenhouses or poly tunnels. They can also be used for scaffolding and construction work.


We stock and market high yielding hybrid and open pollinated seeds. The seeds we market are bred to produce high yield even in difficult conditions. We stock the following hybrid seeds:

Hybrid cucumber seeds, hybrid tomato seeds, hybrid sweet pepper seeds, hybrid hot pepper seeds, hybrid watermelon seeds, hybrid okra/okro seeds, hybrid sweet corn seeds, hybrid maize seeds, soyabeans seeds, cowpea seeds and exotic seeds (cauliflower, broccoli, aragula, kale, turmeric, tyme, pok choi and strawberry etc).

Farm Tools and Machinery

Veggie Grow markets farm tools and machinery like portable planters, seeders, mini-weeder, motorized plough and harrower, brush cutter, water pump, tractors and ridgers etc.


We sell chemical and inorganic pesticides. The pesticides we stock include insecticides, nematicides, fungicides, acaricides or miticides and bactericides etc. We can solve your pest problems even if you are a 100% organic farmer.

Farm Set-Up Services

We assist investors and farmers to set up their farms. Our set farm set-up services include soil and water analysis, design of fertilization plan based on the result of soil and water analysis. Design of full agronomic plan, supply of all inputs (pesticides, fertilizers, equipment and irrigation kits etc) needed for a farm and on-site training of farm workers on precision farming skills.

Some of our clients have successfully invested in tomato farming, cucumber farming, plantain farming, pepper farming, cocoa farmingbeans farming, oil palm farming, rice farming, maize farming, soyabeans farming, okra farming, cowpea farming, coconut farming, kenaf farming, strawberry farming, maize farming and other types of farming ventures.

Fish Farm Set-Up 

We assist investors and farmers to set up their fish farms and other aquaculture ventures. We can set up a fish farm and supply all the inputs needed from the construction of ponds, supply of good fingerlings and market access. Should you wish to own a fish farm, why not contact us now.

Farm Business Plan, Feasibility Studies and Financial Modeling

We can assist you to prepare a business plan, feasibility study or market research document for your agribusiness venture. We are also skilled in financial modeling. We will be happy to provide these services to you to support your application for loans and financing.

Veggie Grow Services

Complete Farm Set-Up (Tomato, Cucumber, Kale, Brocolli, Plantain and Cocoa etc.)

Design and installation of drip irrigation system and other irrigation system

Drip irrigation repairs and unblocking/replacement of emitters

Design and installation of Greenhouses, hydroponic systems and vertical bag farming

Our Past Projects

Community Empowerment Scheme

A community empowerment scheme was designed for the constituents of a legislator in a northern state in Nigeria. We trained a group of unemployed youths in precision farming. Farming kits consisting of drip irrigation systems, hybrid seeds, fertilizers, pesticides and other affordable farm technologies were given to each of the participant in the scheme. These hitherto unemployed youths now earn between N100,000 – N150,000 monthly from precision farming of vegetables.

SIM Card Enabled Drip Irrigation System

We devised a unique solution for a farmer by connecting a mobile SIM card to his drip irrigation system. With the SIM card, the farmer was able to switch on and off his drip irrigation system from a remote location. He was able to irrigate his crops even at the comfort of his home. The farmer could travel out of Nigeria and irrigate his crop in Nigeria, thanks to this unique SIM card enabled drip irrigation system.

We have done the below projects:

Farmland mapping

Data capturing

Set-up of outgrower schemes for our clients

Provision of extension services

Supply of bulk agro-inputs to state governments and high net worth customers

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What Our Customers Say

“I was able to increase my yield and farm revenue by 102% and 150% respectively, thanks to Veggie Grow”

I contacted Veggie Grow when i was having challenges on my farm. The firm analysed my soil and water, they provided solutions like drip irrigation, plastic mulch and hybrid seeds for my farm. I was able to increase my yield by 102% and my revenue by 150%, thanks to these guys.


Retired banker.

“We made a fortune of N5 million from cucumber farming”

While others were burning their fingers in cucumber farming, Veggie Grow taught us how to use precision farming skills like the use of refractometer for plant sap testing, plant sap PH testing and fertigation etc to improve our farming work. We were able to make N5 million from cucumber farming in just one season.

Chioma & Andy



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