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Why Drip Irrigation is the Best Method of Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a type of irrigation that involves the wetting of the root zones of plants with water in droplet manner. Drip irrigation also called trickle irrigation enables water to be passed to plants’ roots in trickles or droplets. Drip irrigation uses a set of hoses or pipes with emitters to irrigate plants.

Drip irrigation is water and power efficient. Drip irrigation is known as the most efficient method of irrigation in the world. With drip irrigation, water and power needed for irrigation can be significantly saved unlike using irrigation methods like sprinklers and flood irrigation.

Drip tapes, connectors, valves, end plugs, venturi injector for Fertigation, source of water and a pump are the components needed for a drip irrigation system to work well.

components of drip irrigation system

Why drip irrigation is the best method of irrigation

Drip irrigation is the best method of irrigation because of the following reasons:

Drip irrigation is the most efficient method of irrigation when it comes to efficiency in the use of water and power. Drip irrigation can use just 20% of water needed for flood irrigation and sprinkler irrigation and still perform better than these two methods of irrigation. Drip irrigation is also efficient in the use of power or electricity.

Drip irrigation also enables fertilizer efficiency and optimization of the usage of fertilizers and nutrients by plants. With drip irrigation, soluble fertilizers can be applied in small dosages over several days or weeks to plants. This process called Fertigation has been proven to significantly increase crop yield.

Drip irrigation can be easily installed and deployed on farms unlike other methods of irrigation. It is not uncommon to see farmers doing DIY drip irrigation systems. Other methods of irrigation need experts for deployment and installation.

Drip irrigation wets the root zones of plants; this reduces the risk of disease outbreak unlike sprinklers that spray water to the leaves and surfaces of the plants, thereby increasing the incidences of fungal diseases.

Drip irrigation systems can be operated by a single member of staff or labourer unlike other types of irrigation that needs a lot of workers to operate. One man can easily irrigate large acreages of farmland in the case of drip irrigation system. This can significantly reduce the cost of labour.

Drip irrigation can significantly increase crop yield, higher than other methods of irrigation. This has been proven by researchers and farmers. Drip irrigation enables Fertigation and Chemigation which have direct effects on crop yield.

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