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White Plastic Mulch – How to use this weed control technology

White plastic mulch also called white on black plastic mulch is a type of plastic mulch used for cooling of the soil.  The white surface of the white mulch is usually laid up so that it can reflect heat away and create a cooling effect.

The black surface laid down will suppress weeds and create the weed eradication effects of the conventional plastic mulch.

White plastic mulch has some similarities with other types of mulch like the black plastic mulch, red plastic mulch, blue plastic mulch and silver plastic mulch etc.

white plastic mulch

How white plastic mulch works

Some crops grow and do well in temperate conditions. Some of these crops are lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower and kale etc.

Some farmers will love to grow these temperate crops in tropical areas like Nigeria. The white plastic mulch can make this possible because of its cooling effect on the soil.

Penn State University research showed that white on black plastic mulch can increase the yield of temperate crops by 35%.

The heat deflecting capability of the white mulch can be very useful to farmers in Nigeria who want to grow temperate crops like Cauliflower, broccoli and strawberry etc.

Benefits of white plastic mulch

White plastic mulch allows farmers to plant temperate crops in tropical conditions. For example, broccoli can make farmers good money in Nigeria, however, the tropical condition of Nigeria makes the cultivation of this crop almost impossible. With white plastic mulch, the crop can be planted easily.

It can reduce or even stop weeds from growing when planting crops. Weeds can reduce yield by as much as 98%.

This type of mulch can increase the availability of moisture to plants.

With plastic mulch, nutrient leaching is reduced. With less leaching of nutrients, crops can have better yield.

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