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Which crops are suitable for drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation is suitable for a lot of crops; it has been argued that drip irrigation is suitable for all crops. However, this technology is more suitable for some crops. A recap, drip irrigation is a type of irrigation that enables the slow release of water to the base of plants. It is one of the most efficient types of irrigation in the world.

Drip irrigation also called trickle irrigation is water efficient. It is also labour efficient. With drip irrigation, yields of crops can increase significantly.

Crops suitable for drip irrigation

The following are the crops suitable for drip irrigation:

  1. Cucumber
  2. Tomato 
  3. Pepper
  4. Other Vegetable Crops
  5. Broad Acre Crops
  6. Plantation Crops
  7. Spices
  8. Oil Seeds
  9. Forest Crops
  10. Flower Plants

1) Cucumber

Cucumber is one of the most nutritious vegetables in Nigeria and indeed worldwide. Cucumber cultivation can also be very profitable. I have seen farmers making millions of naira from just one acre cucumber farm.

To make good returns on your investment in cucumber farming, you need to use drip irrigation. Drip irrigation enables the crop to get adequate water and nutrients through fertigation. Cucumber is one of the crops suitable for drip irrigation.

cucumber farming

2) Tomato

Tomato farming is often called ‘money ritual’ by some locals in Nigeria. Between the months of May and August in Nigeria, a skilled farmer can make a fortune from tomato farming. During these months, the prices of tomatoes rise by as much as 300-400%. The trend has not been broken for over 50 years.

Tomato is unarguably one of the crops suitable for drip irrigation.

tomato farming in nigeria

3) Pepper

Just like tomato, pepper can be very profitable if you are a skilled farmer. Pepper is a vegetable eaten by everybody in Nigeria. It is very nutritious and delicious. Drip irrigation when used correctly can increase the yield of your pepper farm by as much as 200% or more.

It is one of the crops that drip irrigation can work effectively for.

4) Other Vegetable Crops

Drip irrigation is also suitable for vegetable crops like broccoli, kale, watermelon, onions, cabbage, leeks, lettuce, carrots, bitter gourd, strawberry and spinach etc.

5) Broad Acre Crops

Drip irrigation can be used for broad acre crops like maize, soybeans, millet, groundnut, sorghum and beans etc. Drip irrigation can significantly increase the yield of these crops.

6) Plantation Crops

Drip irrigation is suitable for plantation crops like cocoa, oil palm, rubber, coconut and cashew etc. Drip irrigation can enhance the yield and health of these crops.

7) Spices

Crops like thyme, curry, turmeric, ginger and gloves do very well under drip irrigation.

8) Oil Seeds

Drip irrigation can also be used for oil seeds like sunflower, oil palm and groundnut. Drip irrigation has been proven to increase the oil yield of these crops.

9) Forest Crops

Forest crops like gmelina, bamboo and teakwood can do very well under drip irrigation. Drip irrigation can reduce their time to maturity and increase their yield.

10) Flower Plants

Flower plants like rose, orchids, rosemary, jasmine and marygold etc. are suitable for drip irrigation.

Drip irrigation can be used for all crops. It can also be unblocked when the emitters are blocked.

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