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Venturi Injector for Drip Irrigation (Fertilizer Injector) – Buy Now!

1.5 inch venturi injector


A venturi injector is a device used for the injection of soluble fertilizers, pesticides and other chemicals into the drip irrigation lines or hoses. A venturi injector is also known as a fertilizer injector or a chemical injector.

The process of fertigation is done with the use of a venturi injector. Fertigation is the process of passing soluble fertilizers to the root zones of plants through the drip irrigation system.

The venturi Injector works in a unique way. It does not need electricity for it to work. It works through the process of pressure differentials. The flowing water pressure differentials make the venturi injector to suck up liquid and inject it into the drip irrigation lines.   

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How does a venturi injector works?

You need to set up your drip irrigation system before the venturi injector can work properly.

To set up your drip irrigation system, you need to lay the drip tapes and connect them to the lay flat hose or a PVC sub main pipe. You also need to have a source of water and a pump that can pump water into the drip irrigation pipes.

You need a container or drum where you will mix your soluble fertilizer. After mixing, you need to switch on your pump so that water can be flowing through the drip irrigation pipes or hoses.

Once, the drip irrigation tapes are fully pressurized, you need to dip the venturi injector hose into the container or drum.

Lock the valve on the venturi injector assembly line, the venturi injector will automatically suck the solution in the container or drum and inject it into the irrigation hoses or drip tapes. This is a simple process of fertigation or Chemigation.

Parts of a Venturi Injector or Fertilizer Injector for Drip Irrigation

The venturi injector has the following parts:

Injector Inlet

This component of the venturi injector gets more water pressure than the injector outlet. It serves as the opening of the venturi injector.

Injector Outlet

The water pressure at this point in the venturi injector is lower than that of the injector inlet. Flowing water exits the venturi injector from the injector outlet.

Injector Suction Hose

This is the hose that is dipped into the container or drum containing the liquid solution to suck it and inject into the drip irrigation system.

Characteristics of a venturi injector (fertilizer injector)

The venturi injector has the following attributes:

The venturi injector is manufactured with hard materials (plastic), it can last for a very long time.

Chemicals and harsh substances cannot damage a venturi injector. It is made to tolerate harsh substances.

You do not need to maintain it. It is largely maintenance free.

It is quite affordable for farmers.

How to install a Venturi Injector (Fertilizer Injector for Drip Irrigation)

To fix a venturi injector is one of the simplest tasks in irrigation work. Anyone can fix a venturi injector. You just need to follow the instructions given to you by your dealer, in this case, Veggie Grow.

If you do not want to fix the venturi injector yourself, you can ask a plumber to do it for you.

You need to connect the venturi injector on the main line or the sub main line. Water must flow towards the arrow on the venturi injector. This is very important; else, the venturi injector will not work as expected.

Uses of a Venturi Injector

The venturi injector has a lot of uses; the uses are explained as follows:


The venturi injector can be used for fertigation. Fertigation is the process of injecting soluble fertilizers into the irrigation system and passing the soluble fertilizers to the root zones of plants where they will be efficiently used by the plants.

Fertigation can increase plants’ usage of fertilizers by as much as 98%, much more efficient than top dressing or side dressing of fertilizers. It can also significantly reduce the cost of labour needed for side dressing of fertilizers.

Fertigation has been known to increase crop yield by as 40 – 100%.


A venturi injector can also be used for the passing of chemicals and pesticides like nematicides, systemic fungicides and systemic insecticides etc. to the root zones of plants.

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Why you should use a venturi injector of fertilizer injector

The venturi injector can reduce the quantity of fertilizers you need to use on your crops. You may use 30% less fertilizers than the conventional farmer and still have a better yield than the conventional farmer.

The venturi injector can reduce the cost of labour needed for side dressing and top dressing of fertilisers.

The use of a venturi injector can significantly increase crop yield.

Please note that you can only inject soluble fertilizers with a venturi injector. If you inject fertilisers that are not soluble, the emitters on your drip tapes can get clogged.

Soluble fertilizers you can inject with a venturi injector include NPK fertilizer, potassium nitrate, muriate of potash, calcium nitrate, calcium magnesium nitrate (CALMAG), Mono Potassium Phosphate, Mono Ammonium Phosphate (MAP), chelates, potassium sulfate, humic acid and potassium humate etc.

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