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Sprinkler in Nigeria

Sprinkler is an irrigation device used for the irrigation or wetting of crops. A sprinkler can also be used to reduce the dust in construction and mining sites.

The use of sprinkler in Nigeria is fairly common as a lot of farmers use this irrigating device to provide water for their crops during the dry season.

sprinkler in nigeria

What is a sprinkler?

A sprinkler is a device with nozzles that sprays water to crops. A sprinkler is used majorly for irrigation. A sprinkler can also be used for residential and industrial purposes. For residential, a sprinkler can be used in gardens while for industrial purposes, it can be used in construction and mining sites.

A sprinkler can have a rotating nozzle that can spray water in a 360 degree manner. Some sprinklers spray water from just one location. Some sprinklers can also spray water around in angles 45 degrees, 90 degrees and 180 degrees.

A sprinkler falls under the group of overhead irrigation method.

How does a sprinkler work?

To get a sprinkler work, you must have a source of water, a pumping machine or pump, hoses or pipes, connectors and the sprinkler.

The source of water can be a borehole, well, river, dam or any other suitable source of water. A pipe of hose is used to draw out water from the source of water through a pumping machine. Once the hose or pipe is connected to the sprinkler itself, the water flow and water pressure will force the sprinkler to sprinkle or spray water.

To use a sprinkler in Nigeria, you must have a source of water, hoses or pipes, pumps and the sprinkler. Sprinkler system is common in Nigeria.

sprinkler irrigation in nigeria

What is sprinkler Irrigation?

As explained earlier in this article, sprinkler irrigation is the use of sprinklers as a source of watering or wetting crops in an irrigation system.

Sprinkler irrigation is quite common in Nigeria, though not as common as flood irrigation. Sprinkler irrigation is the second commonest type of irrigation in Nigeria. In terms of the use of irrigation in Nigeria, the top three commonest types of irrigation are flood irrigation, sprinkler irrigation and drip irrigation.

Most big farms in Nigeria use pivot irrigation; this is a type of sprinkler irrigation.

Types of sprinkler in Nigeria

There are several types of sprinkler in Nigeria. I will explain some of the common types of sprinklers used in Nigeria below:

Pivot Sprinklers: Pivot irrigation is mostly used in large farms. In Nigeria, pivot irrigation sprinklers are usually installed beside huge water bodies like rivers and dams. The pivot sprinklers are moved around the farm through mechanical means.

Pivot sprinklers are quite expensive and used mainly by big farms in Nigeria.

Rain Gun Sprinklers: Rain guns or rain gun sprinklers or gun sprinklers are unique types of sprinklers used for irrigating crops. Rain guns often rotate in 180 – 360 degrees format. They can also be used for construction and residential purposes.

rain gun sprinkler in nigeria

Garden Sprinklers: These are small sprinklers used for irrigating lawns and grasses in residential areas. They can also be used in golf courses.

Spray Tubes: Spray tubes are lay flat hoses that have the capability to sprinkle or spray water around. They are similar to drip irrigation tapes or hoses except that they sprinkle water to crops. They are categorized as sprinklers.

Sizes of sprinkler in Nigeria

Sprinkler in Nigeria can be categorized according to their sizes. The sizes of sprinklers common in Nigeria are explained as follows:

Big Sprinklers: These are sprinklers used for irrigating large farms. This type of sprinklers can spray water to up to 100 metres or even more. Examples of big sprinklers are big rain guns and the big sprinklers used for pivot irrigation.

Medium Size Sprinklers: These are sprinklers that are not as big as the big sprinklers; they can spray water to distances below 50 metres. Examples of medium size sprinklers are PY40 rain guns and Z40 rain guns.

Small Sprinklers: These are sprinklers that are mainly used for residential purpose or in small farms. They can spray water to distances of less than 20 metres. These sprinklers are common in home gardens.

sprinkler systems in nigeria

Crops that can be grown with the use of sprinkler

The following crops can be grown with the use of sprinklers in Nigeria:

Broad acre crops: Sprinklers can be used for crops like maize, soybeans, sorghum, cowpea and millet etc. in Nigeria. Should you want to cultivate these crops in the dry season, you can effectively use sprinklers for them and get good yields.

Vegetables: Crops like tomatoes, pepper, cucumbers, watermelon, cabbage, strawberry and other types of vegetables can be grown by using sprinklers. However, you should be very careful using sprinklers with high water flow and pressure for crops like tomatoes. This can lead to flower abortion and low yield.

Tubers: Sprinklers are excellent for tuber crops like yam, cassava, potato and carrots etc.

Tree Crops: Crops like cocoa, cashew, mangoes and rubber etc. can be irrigated with sprinklers. However, you need to devise a way to avoid the canopies of some of these crops when they are big.

Factors to consider when looking for the best sprinkler in Nigeria

The average Nigerian is very price sensitive, he likes cheap things. In farming, when you see products that are very cheap, you need to be extra careful. Most ridiculously cheap sprinklers in the market are totally sub-standard. If you buy them, they will not last long.

Do not be deceived by very low prices, you may likely regret it. Below are the things you need to look out for when shopping for the best sprinklers in Nigeria:

  • The technical knowledge of the seller or dealer: You are strongly advised to buy your sprinklers from sellers or dealers who have the technical expertise in irrigation and agronomy. Avoid buying from road side sellers. Experts will not only sell to you, they will advise you on the best type of sprinkler to buy and how to use it.
  • The quality of the sprinkler: Never buy a low quality sprinkler, no matter how cheap it is priced. You may regret it. I once had a client who bought a very cheap and low quality sprinkler, he was forced to come and buy the high quality type only after two months of usage of the low quality type.
  • The price of the sprinkler: I tell all my clients that when they feel that the price of a product is too cheap, they should be worried. If a sprinkler is sold for ₦20,000 and you see one for ₦5,000. You should ask questions. You are likely buying a sub-standard type which will not be good for purpose.
irrigation sprinkler in nigeria

Price of a Sprinkler in Nigeria

The cost of a sprinkler in Nigeria varies according to its size and quality. Some big sprinklers can be priced as high as ₦200,000 while some small sprinklers can go for ₦2,000.

Let me reiterate again, never buy any sprinkler because it is too cheap, you are likely to regret it.

At Veggie Grow, we sell high quality sprinklers. You may wish to contact us.

Where to buy a Sprinkler in Nigeria

At Veggie Grow, we sell some of the best types of sprinklers in Nigeria. Aside this, we also provide free agronomic advisory to customers who buy their irrigation products from us.

We have offices and agents in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Kano, Jos and major cities and towns in Nigeria.

You can contact us through 08025141924 or sales@veggiegrow.ng

Sprinkler System and Drip Irrigation

A sprinkler system can be connected to drip irrigation pipes. In some cases, different crops are inter-planted. Some of the crops may do better with drip irrigation while some of the crops may also do better with sprinklers. In this case, a sprinkler system will be integrated with a drip irrigation system for a better result.

Advantages of Sprinkler Systems in Nigeria

The use of sprinkler in Nigeria by farmers encourages all year round farming. When farmers cultivate their crops all year round, there is likelihood that their income will increase. They will also be able to get food to eat and sell all through the year.

The use of sprinklers can increase crop yield. Even, in the rainy season, if you supplement with sprinklers, your crops will get more water and you will be rewarded with a higher yield. Higher yield means more money for farmers.

Some types of pesticides and fertilisers can be applied through sprinklers. This can reduce the cost of labour needed to apply these chemicals.

watering sprinkler in nigeria

Disadvantages of Sprinkler Systems in Nigeria

The initial cost of acquiring sprinklers may be high for some farmers, however, the benefits far outweighs the cost.

Questions and Answers about Sprinkler in Nigeria

Question: Can sprinkler systems work for all the types of crops grown in Nigeria?

Answer: Yes, sprinklers can be used for a lot of crops. Sprinklers can be used for tomato, cucumber, watermelon, ugwu, cocoa, oil palm and okra etc.

Question: Should I purchase a very cheap sprinkler?

Answer: I strongly advise you check the quality of the sprinkler before buying that ridiculously cheap sprinkler. You may be setting yourself up by buying a product that will not last long.

Question: Can a farmer make profit if he buys sprinklers

Answer: This is a big yes. Most farmers I know have tremendously increased their earnings and profit, thanks to the use of sprinklers.

Question: Where can I buy a sprinkler in Nigeria?

Answer: High quality sprinklers are sold by Veggie Grow; you can contact the company through 08025141924 or send an email to sales@veggiegrow.ng

Are you still thinking how to irrigate your crops? Why not try the use of sprinklers.

Ayo Akinfolarin

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