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Spray Tube Irrigation – Buy Now!

Spray tube irrigation is the application of water to crops through sprinkler like hoses or tapes. Spray tubes are also called micro spray tubes, rain hoses and sprinkler tapes etc.

Water is a key requirement for all crops or plants. No plant can survive without water. Spray tube irrigation enables farmers to grow crops all year round. In Nigeria, most farmers are accustomed to the cultivation of crops only during the rainy season, with spray tube irrigation; crops can be cultivated during the dry season.

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100 metres spray tube

Effective for irrigation


  • It can be used to irrigate vegetables
  • It can be used to irrigate tree crops
  • It ensures the availability of water to crops all year round.

Spray tubes use lesser water than the conventional flood or furrow irrigation practiced by a lot of farmers in Nigeria. There are researches showing that spray tube irrigation uses 30-60% less water than furrow or flood irrigation.

spray tube irrigation in nigeria

Crops suitable for spray tube irrigation

Spray tubes can be used to irrigate a lot of crops. The spray tube irrigation can be used to provide water to almost all types of vegetable crops. Spray tube irrigation is particularly suitable for closely spaced crops.

Some of the crops suitable for spray tube irrigation are:

Tree Crops

Spray tubes can be used to irrigate crops like oil palm, rubber, cocoa and cashew etc. The type of spray tube irrigation system used to irrigate crops like oil palm is called the Sumisansui irrigation system.

Leafy Vegetables

Spray tube irrigation can be used for leafy vegetables. Examples of leafy vegetables spray tubes can be used for include Ugwu, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli and all other types of Nigerian leafy vegetables.


Rice is one of the crops the government is targeting as part of its food sufficiency plan. Rice as a crop do extremely well when irrigated with spray tubes or micro spray hoses.


Spray tubes can be used to establish tomato nursery. They can also be used for irrigating tomato plants. However, care must be exercised when using spray tube irrigation during tomato flowering and fruiting.


Just like tomato, laser spray tube irrigation can be used for the irrigation of all types of peppers. It can be used for sweet pepper, cayenne pepper, habaneros and chili pepper etc.

spray tube

Benefits of laser spray tube irrigation

  1. It enables farmers to irrigate their crops with lesser labour need and water. The use of spray tube irrigation can reduce labour needed for irrigation significantly.
  2. It improves the germinate rates of seeds or seedlings.
  3. Spray tube irrigation expedites the process of dissolving fertilizers applied to crops through top dressing. This can positively impact the growth and yield of crops.
  4. Spray tube irrigation can be used for the application of pesticides to crops.
  5. Spray tubes improves the soil texture by loosening the hard parts of soil.
  6. Spray tubes can negatively impact the survival and growth of pests like moths and whiteflies.
  7. Spray tubes can be used for the application of liquid fertilizers to crops

Characteristics or specifications of our spray tube irrigation system

  1. The spray tubes are manufactured with polyethylene
  2. The size of the spray tubes come in rolls of 100 metres
  3. The spray tubes are UV resistant
  4. The spray width of our spray tube is 0.1 metre to 6 metres
  5. The spray tube irrigation can work with any source of water (borehole, well, river, dam or stream etc.)

How our client increased his yield by 70% using spray tube irrigation

Mr. Johnson has been cultivating tomatoes in Kaduna for over 25 years. He has always been unable to record good yield during the very hot and dry season between February and May every year.

Whenever he tries to grown tomatoes during this season, his tomato plants abort flowers and fruits because of the very hot temperature and lack of water. Note, during this season in Nigeria, the prices of tomatoes in the market skyrocket by 100-200%.

Mr. Johnson contacted us and we advised him to use either drip irrigation or spray tube irrigation. At the end of the season in June, the farmer recorded 70% more yield.

Mr. Johnson has now expanded his tomato farm from half an acre to 6 acres.

Where can you buy spray tube irrigation in Nigeria?

Do you want to buy spray tube irrigation kits in Nigeria and you do not know where to get affordable and high quality type. Kindly call us on +2348025141924 or send an email to sales@veggiegrow.ng. We can supply spray tube irrigation to Lagos, Abuja, Kano, Port Harcourt, Jos, Owerri, Benin and other towns and cities in Nigeria.

Questions and Answers on Spray Tube Irrigation?

Question: Can I use spray tube irrigation for cocoa, plantain and other tree crops?

Answer: Yes, you can use this type of irrigation for cocoa, plantain and other tree crops.

Question: Can I install the spray tube irrigation myself?

Answer: Yes, you can install it yourself; we can also assist you to install it.

Question: Can I install the spray tubes to increase humidity in my greenhouse or poly tunnel?

Answer: Yes, you can use spray tubes to mist water in your greenhouse or poly tunnel and increase

Spray tube irrigation can positively impact your crops, increase your crop yield and make you smile to the bank.

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