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Shade Net in Nigeria

A shade net is a material used to reduce the intensity of sunlight or heat on crops, buildings and other things that need to be protected from sunlight. A lot of farmers have issues with the excessive heating natural sunlight can cause especially in Nigeria. Excessive sunlight can create heat which can be detrimental to the development and fruiting of some crops.

Some researchers have proven that plants only process 1-2% of the sunlight they receive. A shade net can reduce the intensity of this excessive sunlight and distribute the rays of the sunlight on the plants.

Shade nets are used by some smart farmers in Nigeria to significantly improve their yields and make them smile to the bank. Shade net farming is gaining ground in Nigeria now.

shade net in Nigeria

What is a shade net?

A shade net is a cloth like net made of 100% polyethylene. The shade net is used for covering poly houses and can be used as a climate controller or stabilizer. Some types of shade nets have anti-fungal property.

The high density polyethylene used in the manufacturing of shade nets make it very durable and long lasting.

Shade nets can be used for the cultivation of any type of crops. In Nigeria, this type of net is used for the cultivation of strawberry, tomato, kale, pepper, cucumbers and a host of other crops.

Aside farming, shade nets can be used for scaffolding and other building applications. Scaffolding net is the same with shade nets except that one is used for farming while the other is used for scaffolding during construction work.

Veggie Grow markets some of the best types of shade net in Nigeria.

Types of shade net

There are different types of shade net available to farmers in Nigeria. Shade nets can be categorized by the percentage of shading and colour. They can also be categorized by shape and thickness. You need to know the specifications of the shade nets you want to buy.

Shade net categorized by percentage of shading

Shade nets are categorized according to how they can cut down the intensity of sunlight. There are 20%, 30%, 40%, 50%, 60% and 80% shading. As a matter of fact, Veggie Grow markets all types of shading. You just need to provide us with the specification you want.

50% shading for example reduces light intensity by 50%. Some crops do not need a lot of sunlight, this type of shade net will be appropriate for them.

Shade net categorized by colour

Shade nets can also be categorized by colour. There are blue shade nets, red shed nets, green shade nets, black shade nets and purple shade nets. Some plants grow better under green shade nets while some grow better under red shade net. You need to provide us with the colour you want and we will provide a solution for you.

Uses of shade net

Agricultural and Horticultural Uses

Shade nets are used for growing of crops. The type of shade net used for growing crops is called agro nets. These nets can be used to shade sunlight so that the crops can enjoy optimum growth. Some poly houses are also constructed with shade nets. During the dry season in Nigeria, temperature can be very high. Shade nets have the capability of reducing the temperature whilst shading rays of sunlight the plants do not need. At Veggie Grow, we provide all types of shade net that can be used for agriculture. If you want to grow the best types of sweet pepper, tomatoes and strawberries etc, you need to contact us.

shade nets in Nigeria

Anti-Hail Netting Purposes

Though hail damage is not too common in Nigeria. Shade nets can be used to protect people and structures from hail damages. Hail can destroy crops and other valuable property.

Construction Purposes

Shade nets are very useful for scaffolding. The shade net used for scaffolding is called scaffolding net. This type of net is used to guard against falling of objects that can harm people walking around construction sites. Scaffolding nets are usually green in colour and wrapped around construction sites or building. Veggie Grow provides durable and cheap scaffolding nets.

Decorating Purposes

Shade nets can also be used for decoration. Shade nets can be beautifully used for interior and exterior decoration.

Car Parks

Shade nets can also be used for the construction of car and bus parks. The shade nets provide shade for the cars and buses parked under it.

Animal Houses

Shade nets are also used in the building of animal houses like poultry pen, goat hen and other animal husbandry buildings.

Other uses of shade nets are:

  • Shade nets can be used for insect control on farms
  • They can be used for nursery
  • They can be used for production of graft saplings
  • They can be used for bird control on farms

How to construct a shade net house

A shade net house can be constructed with wooden planks, nails and shade nets. A carpenter can design and build the frame of the shade net house with wooden planks. Iron rods can also be used to design and build the frame of the shade net house.

The shade nets can then be cut and spread on the top of the built frame. The shade nets should also be wrapped round the frame of the shade net hose.

Nails should be used to hold down the nets. Pegs can also be used for holding down the nets.

Which crops can I use shade net for

Shade nets can be used to protect and increase the yields of a lot of crops especially vegetables.

The following are some of the crops that can be cultivated under shade nets:

  • Tomatoes
  • Sweet pepper
  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Strawberry
  • Cucumber
  • Kale etc

Shade nets can be used to cultivate almost all types of crops.

Shade net for nursery

Shade nets can be used for nursery especially vegetable seedlings nursery and tree crop seedlings nursery. Most vegetable seedlings do not perform well under too much sunlight. Shade nets can serve as a shield for the seedlings.

Instead of using palm fronds as shade, you can contact us now to get your nursery shade nets.

How shade net increased the yield of a farmer by 50%

Hauwa (not real name) has been a tomato farmer for over 15 years. She hardly gets 2 tonnes per hectare in her tomato farm due to hey poor growing skills.

She contacted Veggie Grow Limited and we found out that her tomato plants’ often abort a lot of their flowers and fruits due to the high temperature in her location.

We advised her to construct a shade net with drip irrigation installed in it. She obliged our recommendation. After implementing our recommendation, Hauwa increased her tomato yield per hectare to 40 tonnes. Shade net, drip irrigation and fertigation played a huge role in this successful feat.

Price of shade net in Nigeria

The price of shade nets vary as per specification and quality. A shade net of size 2 metres by 40 metres can be sold for N8,000, the same size of shade net of superior quality can be sold for as much as N16,000.

Ridiculously low prices of some types of shade nets should not be taken as a good deal. You may buy a very cheap shade net but later regret buying it because it may not last up to 2 months on your farm.

At Veggie Grow, we market durable shade nets which are UV resistant and very durable.

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