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Red Plastic Mulch for Tomatoes

Red plastic mulch for tomatoes is a type of plastic mulch that is suitable for tomatoes and few other crops. The red plastic mulch has a red colour which has been proven to increase the yield of some crops like tomatoes.

Michael J. Kasperbauer and Clemson University nematologist Bruce Fornum who developed the red plastic mulch argued that it can increase yield by as much as 20%. They also explained that the red plastic mulch is superior to black plastic mulch and blue plastic mulch in tomatoes cultivation.

The red plastic mulch has been said to reflect some red shades of light back to the plants. This effect has been argued to increase fruit production and yield. Red plastic mulch is also called Selective Reflecting Mulch.

This type of coloured mulch is not too popular in Nigeria. Veggie grow however stocks and sell red plastic mulch.

red plastic mulch for tomatoes

How does red plastic mulch works

Phytochromes are the pigments in tomato plants. The phytochromes work as tomato plant growth and development regulator. Phytochromes are known as colour sensitive proteins.

Phytochromes react better to red colour which is why the red plastic mulch positively impacts the yield and fruit production of tomato plants.

The way the phytochromes react to red colour also shorten the time it takes for tomato fruits to ripen and encourages the tomato plants to produce bigger fruits.

Benefits of red plastic mulch

Red plastic mulch has been seen to deter nematodes in tomato plants and some other crops. Nematodes can reduce the yield of crops significantly if not well tackled.

Red plastic mulch can also increase the yield of tomato plants and some other crops.

It reduces weed pressure in cropping.

The red plastic mulch reduces the rate of evaporation of moisture in the soil.

It can also warm up the soil.

Red plastic mulch for tomatoes is available in our offices for sale. Kindly reach us through or 08025141924.

Ayo Akinfolarin

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