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Rain Gun Sprinklers – Buy Now!

Rain gun sprinklers are one of the commonest irrigation tools used for the cultivation of crops. These sprinklers can be used for the cultivation of a wide variety of crops.

Rain guns are very effective for the application of water to crops. Though not as efficient as drip irrigation, it can boost the yield of your crops.

rain gun for farming

Rain guns need pressurized supply of water before they can work effectively. You need a good source of water preferably a well, river or dam and a water pump to make your rain guns work well.

The water pressure needed for sprinkler rain guns is much higher than that needed for drip irrigation.

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30-40 Metres Radius (Tripod Inclusive)


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50 -70  Metres Radius 



You can also place your order of rain guns by calling us on 08025141924.

Cost and Benefit Analysis of Using Rain Gun Sprinkler in Nigeria

Rain gun has benefited a lot of our customers especially those who grow broad acre crops like rice, maize, millet and sesame etc.

One of our customers, Mallam Musa grows rice on a large acreage of farmland. He has been groing rice for over 15 years in a village in Kano.

Mallam Musa noticed that in the past few years, rains have been unpredictable. This is due to the effects of the climate change. Mallam Musa lost millions of naira in the year 2019 because the rains refused to fall in the rainy season.

He contacted us to save his investment so we advised him to buy our rain guns. Due to the size of his farmland, we did a hydraulic and irrigation design. After the design work, we installed the rain guns on his farm.

big rain gun in nigeria

Mallam Musa recorded a yield increase of 102% and he can now cultivate rice all year round. He has started the dry season cultivation of rice. This is what he cannot do in the past. His yield and income have increased significantly.

Rain guns can be used to irrigate a lot of crops. They can also enable farmers to cultivate their crops in the dry season.

Cost of Rain Gun Sprinklers in Nigeria

The price of one rain gun varies according to a lot of factors. Some rain guns are sold for as low as N5,000 while some are sold for as high as N750,000. The common types of rain guns in Nigeria are sold for below N70,000.

You should be very careful when you see any rain gun that appears too cheap. Ridiculously cheap rain guns are often of a very low quality. Do not be deceived by cheap things, you may regret it later. Buy your rain guns only for reputable dealers.

Our rain guns can last for several years. We have had customers who have been using our rain guns for over 6 years with no problem at all. Some of these rain guns can last for over 15-20 years because they are made of heavy and high quality materials.

You can get the price list of rain guns in Nigeria here

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Again, do not let yourself to be deceived because of some cheap and low quality rain guns. Insist on buying high quality ran guns, no matter the price. A lot of agro-inputs in Nigeria are sub-standard; the trick unscrupulous dealers use is to sell at ridiculously low prices.

These unscrupulous rain gun dealers know that the average Nigerian like cheap things (Awoof), only for the buyer to regret later, when it is too late to return it.

Where to buy good rain gun sprinklers or rain guns in Nigeria

impact rain gun

There are a lot of rain gun sprinklers in Nigeria. You should be extremely careful when buying irrigation kits in Nigeria.

Most sellers import substandard irrigation tools only to sell at ridiculously low prices in order to attract unsuspecting farmers.

Veggie Grow Limited is a trusted irrigation seller in Nigeria. They have offices in Lagos, Abuja, Kano and other cities in Nigeria.

You can contact us on 08025141924 or dripirrigation.veggiegrow.ng or sales@veggiegrow.ng.

Types of rain gun sprinkler

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The following are the types of rain guns:

Big Gun Sprinklers

This is a type of rain gun that can irrigate a large acreage of farmland at once. Some types of big gun sprayers can spray one hectare of farmland at once.

Most big gun sprinklers use pipes or hoses of size 2 inches to 4 inches. Some use inlet water pipe of above 4 inches.

Big gun sprinklers need to be connected to a high capacity water pump and a source of water with a lot of water.

PY40 rain gun is a type of big rain gun sprinkler.

Medium size rain guns

Medium size rain guns are smaller than big gun sprinklers. They can work for the irrigation of smaller acreage of farmland.

If you cannot afford to buy big gun sprinklers, you can use several medium size rain guns for your farmland.

Other types of rain guns include the following:

  • Impact sprinklers
  • Meganet anti-insect sprinklers
  • Alloy rain guns
  • Metal rain guns
  • Plastic rain guns
  • Brass rain guns etc.
PY 40 rain gun

Small size rain guns

These are like sprinklers. They are very useful in nurseries. You can also use them for the irrigation of smaller acreages.

Small rain gun in nigeria

How to use rain gun sprinklers

You need the following in order to use your rain gun sprinklers:

  • The rain sun sprinklers
  • Sprinkler stands
  • Source of water like dam, river, well or river etc
  • Water pump preferably a diesel water pump for big gun sprinklers
  • Most rain gun sprinklers need high power water pump in order to function well. They need a high water pressure than drip irrigation tapes.

Crops you can use rain guns for

rain gun spraying water

You can use rain guns for the below types of crops:

Cash crops

Rain guns can be used to irrigate crops like cocoa, rubber, oil palm, cashew and all other types of cash crops. Big gun sprinklers are better for this type of crops.


Vegetables like tomato, pepper, cucumber, cabbage, sweet pepper and okra can be irrigated with rain gun sprinklers.

Fruit crops

Crops like mango, orange, pawpaw and apple can be irrigated with a rain gun sprinkler. For large acreages of this type of crops, you will need big gun sprinklers.

Broad acre crops

Broad acre crops like maize, soybeans and millet etc. can be irrigated with the use of rain gun sprinklers.

Factors to consider before buying a Rain Gun in Nigeria

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There are factors you need to consider before buying any rain gun in Nigeria. Do not rush to buy that cheap rain gun.

Below are some of the things to look out for:

Are you dealing with a reputable firm with irrigation experts?

I need to emphasize this, do not patronize rain gun dealers who know nothing about irrigation. If you do, they may sell sub-standard rain guns to you or even sell the wrong type of rain guns to you. For large farms, you may need a hydraulic and irrigation design, only experts can do this.

Is the rain gun sprinkler too cheap?

The truth is that we all like cheap things. However, when it comes to irrigation materials like rain gun, it is better you buy high quality products. Most if not all of the ridiculously cheap rain guns are sub-standard and they are not good for purpose. The sprinkling patterns are irregular and they do not last long.

Is the quality of the rain gun good?

You should check the quality of the rain gun; this can be a bit of a challenge for those who know little or nothing about irrigation. This is why it is advisable you deal with reputable irrigation materials’ dealers.

What are the characteristics of the rain gun sprinklers?

A typical rain gun has over 10 attributes. The size, water flow rate, inlet pipe size, power ratings and distance covered etc. You need to note all these before you buy. Every farmer has a specific reason why he needs rain guns.

Components of a Rain Gun Irrigation System

A rain gun system has some components. The components of a rain gun irrigation system are explained below:

  1. Rain Gun Sprinkler: This is the main component of the rain gun irrigation system. It sprays water around the farm often in a 360 degree format. The rain gun rotates round while irrigating the field. There are different types of rain guns.
  2. Tripod Stands: The tripod stand is what the rain gun is attached to. It holds the rain gun and enables it to rotate round. The tripod stand is usually 5 – 7 feet in height.
  3. Hold down stakes: The heavy iron stakes used in holding down the tripod stands to the soil or ground are called the hold down stakes. Without the hold down stakes, the force of rain gun will make the tripod stands fall to the ground.
  4. Hoses: Hoses are polythene made soft pipes used to pass water to the rain guns. Hoses are also used to siphon water from the source of water and passed to the rain guns. Hoses come in rolls, often in 100 metres rolls.
  5. Water Pumps: Water pumps are the pumping machines used for irrigating through rain gun systems. The water pumps take water from the source of water to the rain gun irrigation systems.

How to Set Up a Rain Gun Irrigation System

To set up a rain gun irrigation system, you need to get all the components of the rain gun irrigation system.

If your farm is large, I will advise you do a hydraulic and irrigation design, this will show the outlines and guides on how the rain guns will be set up.

For small farms, a farmer or a plumber can install the rain gun system.

Advantages of using rain gun sprinklers

Below are some of the advantages of using a rain gun sprinkler:

  • It irrigates crops uniformly
  • It saves labour and time. This can significantly boost your efficiency.
  • Low or no maintenance cost
  • Allows all year farming
  • Improves seeds germination
  • It can make your crops use nitrogen more efficiently.

Disadvantages of using rain gun sprinklers

  • They need a lot of water pressure
  • They also need a lot of energy or power
  • they encourage the growth of weeds
  • Rain guns can improve your yield significantly. I advise you get one today.

Questions and Answers about Rain Guns in Nigeria

Question: Can I use rain guns for all crops?

Answer: Rain guns can work for all types of crops, however, drip irrigation may be better for crops that do not like too much humidity.

Question: What crops can rain guns be used for?

Answer: Rain guns can be used for crops like watermelon, pepper, soybeans, cowpea, cucumbers, maize and millet etc.

Question: Should I purchase a very cheap rain gun sprinkler?

Answer: You should be extremely careful when looking out for cheap rain guns. Most of the ridiculously cheap rain guns are sub-standard and of a poor quality. Ensure you buy high quality rain guns though at an affordable cost.

Question: Can I make profit if I use rain gun sprinklers?

Answer: Rain gun sprinklers will enable you farm all year round and also increase your yield. This will increase your profitability.

Question: Where can I buy a rain gun in Nigeria?

Answer: Rain gun sprinklers can be bought from Veggie Grow; you can call us through 08025141924 or send an email to sales@veggiegrow.ng

Question: Can rain guns spray fertilizers and pesticides to crops?

Answer: Yes, rain guns can spray fertilizers and pesticides to crops. However, care must be exercised when doing this.

Question: Is the rain gun irrigation system too technical for the average farmer?

Answer: No, all farmers can use the rain gun irrigation system, even illiterate farmers.

Please read our article on rain gun cost per acre here.

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