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Ploughing in Nigeria (Plough your Farmland)

Ploughing is the act or turning or loosening the soil before the planting of seeds. Ploughing is an important activity in farming as it improves the process of growing of crops.

Ploughing can also be defined as the turning of the soil to a deeper level. With ploughing, the soil from the top can be mixed with the soil at the bottom of the soil structure.

Ploughing can improve the ability of plants to expand their roots as it removes barriers in the soil that can negatively impact the growth of plant roots. Ploughing can also improve drainage in the soil as loosens the soil structure.

Ploughing can be done to a depth of 10 – 100 cm depending on the type of plough used. The act of ploughing is done with the use of tractors and other motorized equipment. Animals like cows and horses can also be used for ploughing.

ploughing in Nigeria

Cost of Ploughing in Nigeria

plough a 1 acre farmland



Benefits of Ploughing

The following are the benefits of ploughing in Nigeria:

Loosening of the soil

Ploughing can loosen the soil. The loosening of the soil can improve aeration in the soil. It can also improve drainage in the soil. The loosening of the soil can also enhance the multiplication of beneficial microbes in the soil.

Enhance rooting

Ploughing can remove the barrier of plant rooting In the soil. Ploughing can enable the roots of plant to grow big and go deeper in the soil. Bigger roots can lead to an increase in nutrients uptake and an increase in the crop yield.

Better water retention

Ploughing can enhance water retention in the soil. Water retention can make plants have access to water for a long time. This can increase crop yield.

Better weeds management

Ploughing can remove weeds in the soil. It can also destroy the seeds of weeds in the soil. With the destruction of the seeds of the weeds in the soil, it will take a longer time for the weeds to regrow.

Removes hardpan

Ploughing can be used to remove hardpans in soil. Hardpan may negatively impact the growing of plants. It also impacts drainage and water retention in plants.

Application of manure and fertilizers

Ploughing can be used to mix manure and fertilizers with the soil. Manure can improve the soil structure and add nutrients to the soil.

Equipment used for ploughing

The following equipment are used for ploughing:

  • Disc plough
  • Harrow plough
  • Rotary plough
  • Single-sided plough
  • Turn-wrest plough
  • Reversible plough
  • Motorised plough
  • Tractor operated plough etc.

Our Ploughing Service

We offer ploughing service in Nigeria. We can help you to plough your farmland. We can also help you to harrow and ridge your farmland. Our ploughing service is part of our land clearing service.

We can work in all the cities, towns and villages in Nigeria.

Our ploughing service is one of the best in the country. Please note that we also do GPS land clearing and ploughing service.

You can contact us on 08025141924 if you require farmland ploughing service.

Ayo Akinfolarin

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