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Platinum F1 Tomato Seed

Platinum F1 tomato seed is one of the most high yielding hybrid tomato seeds in Nigeria and other tropical areas. Platinum F1 tomato seed is developed and bred by East West Seeds, one of the most popular seed companies in the world.

Platinum F1 tomato variety has strong vigor and can resist a lot of diseases prevalent in tropical lowland and places with high humidity. The main problem of tomato farmers that fail in their quest to cultivate tomato successfully in southern Nigeria is the incidences of bacterial wilt and high humidity. Platinum F1 variety is highly resistant to bacterial wilt disease and can withstand high humidity.

Platinum F1 tomato variety is a determinate variety, though some people have argued that it has some of the traits of semi-determinate variety because it grows very tall and produces fruits profusely. The yield can be very high if you observe sound agronomic practices.

Platinum F1 tomato variety can grow in all states in Nigeria. It can grow in the tropical rain forest, savannah, mangrove swamp and sahel areas of Nigeria. It can also perform well in the rainy season and also in the dry season.

Platinum F1 can survive and yield well in all states in Nigeria. Platinum F1 hybrid tomato seed can be planted in Lagos State, Ogun State, Ondo state, Kano State, Oyo State, Abuja, Rivers State, Delta States, Imo state, Plateau State and all states in Nigeria.

To have good returns on investment on your tomato farm project especially if your farm is in the southern part of Nigeria, you are advised to cultivate a high vigor and high yielding hybrid tomato variety like Platinum F1.

You can buy this seed by contacting Veggie Grow through or call 08025141924.

platinum f1 hybrid tomato seed

Characteristics of Platinum F1 Tomato Seed

  • Platinum F1 tomato variety has a high vigor and can withstand a lot of stress during the growing season. It is a very rugged tomato variety.
  • Platinum F1 variety of tomato has a fast growing habit. First harvest from this variety can be as early as 60-70 days.
  • The tomato fruit from this variety is medium in size and well accepted in the Nigerian market especially during the lean season.
  • Platinum F1 tomato variety can set good fruits in very hot conditions. The heat set characteristic of this variety is good.
  • This variety is tolerant and resistant to bacterial wilt, a disease that is prevalent in Nigeria especially the southern part of the country.
  • Platinum F1 is resistant to tomato yellow leaf curl viral disease and other viral diseases prevalent in the dry season in Nigeria.
  • This variety can grow well in humid conditions, thereby suitable for cultivation in southern Nigeria where farmers dread to grow tomatoes.
  • This tomato variety has oval shape fruits.

Advantages of planting Platinum F1 Tomato Seeds

This hybrid tomato variety is high yielding. It is possible to get yield of up to 25 tonnes per acre. The typical yield of knowledgeable farmers in Nigeria is about 15 tonnes per acre. Some farmers have exceeded this though.

Platinum F1 tomato is well accepted in the market especially during the lean time (May-July).

Platinum F1 tomato variety can be grown in all states in Nigeria and can also perform well in the rainy season and dry season.

Platinum F1 tomato has good resistance to pests and diseases like bacterial wilt and viral diseases.

It can be grown in southern Nigeria.

Disadvantages of planting Platinum F1 Variety

This variety needs a lot of nutrients because of the hybrid nature.

The price of the seeds is higher than that of open pollinated tomato varieties.

Where can I buy Platinum F1 Variety?

You can buy Platinum F1 tomato seeds from Veggie Grow by sending an email to or call 08025141924. You can also visit our offices.

Experiences of those that planted Platinum F1 Tomato Seed

Platinum F1 tomato variety has been planted by a lot of our customers in the past 4 years. It is one of the most demanded type of tomato seeds in our firm.

Mr. Tony (not real name), one of our customers had tried for several years to successfully cultivate tomatoes in Epe, Lagos (South West Nigeria). He has always been unsuccessful as bacteria wilt and the high humidity of his location never makes his dream of being a successful tomato farmer possible.

He contacted us and we advised him to try Platinum F1 tomato seeds in Epe, he tried this variety and recorded a yield of 16 tonnes per acre between June and July 2018. He made up to 6 times of his investment in tomato farming.

Mr. Tony has vowed never to plant any other tomato seeds but Platinum F1.

Drip Irrigation and Platinum F1 Tomato Variety

Platinum F1 tomato seed is a hybrid type of tomato. It needs a lot of water and nutrients. We strongly advise that drip irrigation system is put in place before you start cultivating this variety in order for you to have a good yield.

With drip irrigation, you can use water efficiently and also apply fertilisers, nematicides and other pesticides efficiently.

You can get your drip irrigation by calling us on 08025141924.

Price of Platinum F1 Tomato Seed

The price of this variety is affordable. You may want to contact us to know the current price.

Do you want to plant Platinum F1 tomato variety, why not contact us through or call 08025141924.

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