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Plastic Mulch for Cucumber Farming

Plastic mulch for cucumber farming is one of the technologies that can increase the yield of cucumber farmers and make them smile to the bank.

Plastic mulch also called mulching film or mulch film is a type of plasticulture technology made from polyethylene used for suppressing weed, conserving water and increasing crop yield.

Ask cucumber farmers in Nigeria to name some of the problems they face, you will be shocked that a lot of them will mention weeds. Weeds can reduce the yield of crops by up to 98%.

Weeds can also harbor pests and diseases that may infect your crop and significantly reduce your yield.

plastic mulch for cucumber farming

How to use plastic mulch for cucumber farming

Below are the steps to take to use plastic mulch for cucumber farming:

Buy from a credible dealer

A lot of the plastic mulches sold in Nigeria are sub-standard.  Do not be deceived by the prints on the plastic mulches, they are in most cases made up. You can get quality plastic mulches from veggie Grow Limited (08025141924 or Veggie Grow stocks quality agro inputs and farm technologies including good plastic mulches or mulch films.

Cut the plastic mulch to shape

Once you buy the plastic mulch, you will need to cut it to shape. If you buy plastic mulch with a dimension of 1.5 meters by 300 meters and your bed or ridge is 60 centimeters, you will need to cut the plastic mulch to shape so it will fit the soil bed.

Create holes on the plastic mulch

If the plastic mulch you buy is not perforated, you will have to create holes in it. The holes are where you will plant your seeds or seedlings. Please note that your drip irrigation tapes are better laid below the plastic mulch.

Lay the plastic mulch on the cucumber crop beds

After creating holes on the plastic mulch, you can now lay the mulch on the soil bed. You should ensure that you tuck in the sides of the plastic mulch into the soil beds. You can also use stakes to hold the plastic mulch on the soil bed.

Dispose plastic mulch when they get bad

You should ensure to dispose used or end of life plastic mulch in an environmentally friendly way. All plastic mulches not used again should be destroyed or recycled. It is more environment friendly for use to recycle unused plastic mulch.

You can make good money by using plastic mulch for cucumber farming.

Ayo Akinfolarin

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