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Plastic Mulch in Nigeria

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Plastic mulch also called mulching film or mulch film is a product made from polyethylene used for suppressing weed, conserving water and increasing the yield of crops. Plastic mulches are perforated with holes with which farmers can plant their seeds.

Plastic mulch or mulching film is a fairly new technology in Nigeria. Plastic mulch in Nigeria has enabled a lot of farmers to increase their yields whilst reducing the cost of labour needed for weeding activities on their farms.

plastic mulch and mulching film in Nigeria

How to install plastic mulch in Nigeria

The first stage in installing a plastic mulch it to make beds or ridges. The seed beds must be made in such a way that the top of the bed will be flat.

The plastic mulch can then be laid on top of the bed with the corners of the plastic mulch tucked into the soil. Pegs can also be used to hold the plastic mulch to the seed bed and the soil.

Some farmers prefer to make holes on the plastic mulch after installation on the seed bed. Some farmers also make these holes before placing the mulch on the bed.

After the completion of the installation of the mulch, seeds or seedlings can be planted on the holes created on the mulch.

plastic mulch in Nigeria

Types of plastic mulch 

Black plastic mulch

This is a type of plastic mulch that is black in colour. It is the commonest type of mulching film used in Nigeria.

Grey on black plastic mulch

This type of plastic mulch has a grey on black colour.

White plastic mulch

This is a type of plastic mulch that is white in colour. It is commonly used in cold areas to create heat in the soil.

Red plastic mulch

This type of plastic mulch is red in colour. It is used for some types of crops.

Blue plastic mulch

This is a type of mulch that is blue in colour. It is also used for the cultivation of some types of crops.

Benefits of plastic mulch in Nigeria

Plastic mulch as weed control

One of the main benefits of a plastic mulch is to prevent sunlight from reaching the soil. When the weeds do not get sunlight, photosynthesis is impacted, hence, they cannot grow. Weeds can reduce the yield of a crop by as much as 98%.

With plastic mulch, a farmer is likely to increase his yield and make more money.

Planting early

In some locations, plastic mulch can heat up the soil and make it possible to plant early. For example, in cold climates, plastic mulch can enable farmers to plant tropical crops during the cold season because of the heating effect of the mulching film.

Retention of soil moisture

Plastic mulch reduces evaporation and makes more water available to plants. It also reduces the frequency of irrigation. During the period of lean rainfall, plastic mulch can be very useful in conserving water for crops.

Makes more fertiliser available to crops

Plastic mulch reduces the rate of erosion; this can also reduce the rate of leaching of fertiliser. With a reduction in leaching, more fertiliser will be available to the crops. This can lead to more yield.

Reduction in compaction of soil

The crusting effect of sunlight and rain is reduced when plastic mulch is used. Soil impaction can negatively impact the growth of crops and reduce yield.

Minimal or no root damage

During cultivation, roots of plants are often damaged. With plastic mulch, this can be reduced to the barest minimum.

Pest and disease control

The heat caused by plastic mulch can be negatively impact some soil borne pests and diseases. Lesser pests and diseases mean better yield.

plastic mulch and mulch film

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Plastic mulch or mulching film can reduce the weeds on your farm, reduce cost of labour, increase your crop  yield and make you smile to your bank.