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Pioneer Maize Seeds in Nigeria (Hybrid Seed) – Buy Now

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Pioneer maize seeds are one of the best hybrid maize seeds in Nigeria because of their high yield and disease resistances. Pioneer maize seeds are some of the newest most improved hybrid maize seeds in Nigeria.

Pioneer maize seeds were introduced in Nigeria some few years again. These maize seeds are now being widely grown by some maize farmers in Nigeria.

There are two types of Hybrid Pioneer Maize seeds sold in Nigeria. The yellow variety and the white variety are the two varieties of Pioneer maize Seeds available in Nigeria.

pioneer hybrid maize seeds

Characteristics of Pioneer Hybrid Maize Seed

The following are the characteristics of pioneer maize seeds:

High Yield

This hybrid maize variety has an incredibly high yield as compared to the other hybrid maize varieties planted in Nigeria. Pioneer maize seeds can yield over 10 tons per hectare if the necessary agronomic practices are implemented.

In Nigeria, there are cases of maize farmers who increased their yield per hectare from 2 tons to above 7 tons.

Resistance to Pests and Diseases

Pioneer maize seed variety is resistant and tolerant to some pests and diseases. The variety is bred to tolerate adverse conditions unlike some local varieties in Nigeria.

Size of Cobs

The cob of Pioneer maize seed variety is very big, often bigger than that of the local open pollinated varieties.

The maize plants also usually carry more than one ear.

Tolerance to Tropical Conditions

Pioneer maize seed variety can grow well in tropical and hot climatic conditions like Nigeria’s. This variety can grow in all areas in Nigeria. It can be grown in southern Nigeria and northern Nigeria.

Erect Leaves

This variety have erect leaves, this makes it tolerant to overcrowding, unlike other varieties. With Pioneer maize seeds variety, you can have more population per hectare.

Price of Pioneer Maize Seeds in Nigeria

The price of pioneer maize seeds in Nigeria depends on a lot of factors. At Veggie Concept, we sell a one hectare seed pack for N45,000.

You should be very careful of buying if the price is ridiculously cheap. You may unknowingly be buying sub-standard seeds.

You should see the expiry date of any maize seeds before buying. Most expired seeds will not germinate well.

Where to Buy Pioneer Maize Seeds in Nigeria

You can buy Pioneer maize seeds from Veggie Concept. We do not only sell, we also advise how you can get good yields from your maize farm.

Do you have any questions about Pioneer Maize Seeds? If yes, kindly call us on 08025141924 or email us at

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