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Monalisa F1 cucumber seed is a hybrid type of cucumber seed developed and bred by East West Seed, one of the leading seed producing companies the world. Monalisa F1 cucumber seed is high yielding like most hybrid cucumber seeds produced by East West Seeds.

Monalisa F1 cucumber seed is a slicing cucumber variety that yields a lot of fruits. The cucumber fruits produced by Monalisa F1 variety are deep green in colour and well accepted in the Nigerian market. The Nigerian market has a great preference for deep green cucumbers.

Monalisa F1 variety is monoecious and needs bees for pollination. This variety produces a lot of male and female flowers. Bees are needed to carry the pollen in order for the completion of the process of pollination.

Like most cucumber varieties suitable for tropical areas, Monalisa F1 can grow well un all areas in Nigeria and can also yield well in rainy season and dry season in Nigeria. They are not location specific.

Monalisa F1 cucumber seed is a hybrid seed that has good tolerance to a lot of pests and diseases. Monalisa F1 has good tolerances to viral diseases, downy mildew, powdery mildew and some other diseases. Do you want to engage in cucumber farming in Nigeria, Monalisa F1 may be the best choice for you.

You can buy this seed by contacting Veggie Grow through or call 08025141924.

monalisa f1 cucumber seed variety

Characteristics of Monalisa F1 Cucumber Seed

  • Just like Murano F1 and Darina F1 , Monalisa F1 cucumber seeds from East West Seeds presents with good vigor and large leaves that improves the photosynthetic process of the cucumber plant.
  • A farmer can start harvesting his Monalisa F1 variety as from the 7th week. This makes the payback period of investment in farming pretty short.
  • The typical length of the fruit of Monalisa F1 is about 18-20 cm and a diameter of 4-5 cm.
  • The fruits of Monalisa F1 are deep green in colour
  • Monalisa F1 has a crawling attribute, its better staked.
  • Monalisa F1 has tolerance and resistance to angular leaf spot.
  • Monalisa F1 variety has resistance to powdery mildew.
  • Monalisa F1 cucumber seeds can resist mosaic virus disease.
  • Monalisa F1 cucumber variety can mature within 45-50 days depending on the location.

Advantages of planting Monalisa F1 cucumber seeds

This variety can be high yielding, there are instances of farmers harvesting up to 20 tonnes from one acre of farmland.

The dark green colour of Monalisa F1 variety is a huge advantage over other varieties of cucumber in Nigeria.

Monalisa F1 variety matures at a fast rate.

Monalisa F1 can be planted in all states in Nigeria.

Monalisa F! has good tolerances to some diseases and pests.

Disadvantages of planting Monalisa F1 cucumber

The price of monalisa F1 variety being a hybrid seed is higher than that of open pollinated seeds.

Where can I buy Monalisa F1 cucumber?

You can buy Monalisa F1 cucumber seeds from Veggie Grow by sending an email to or call 08025141924. You can also visit our offices.

Drip Irrigation and Monalisa F1 Cucumber Seeds

We strongly advise you use drip irrigation system for cultivating this variety of cucumber. Hybrid cucumber plants need a lot of water and fertilisers, with drip irrigation; you can provide adequate water to your cucumber plants and also pass fertilisers to the roots of the plants through venture injector (drip irrigation fertigation system).

You can get your drip irrigation by calling us on 08025141924.

Price of Monalisa F1 Cucumber seed

The price of this variety is affordable. You may want to contact us to know the current price.

Do you want to plant Monalisa F1 cucumber seeds, why not contact us through or call 08025141924 and begin your journey to making good profit from farming.

Ayo Akinfolarin

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