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Land Clearing in Nigeria

Land clearing is the removal of trees, brush, stumps and weeds from a piece of land. Land clearing is usually done for farming, construction, mining and horticultural purposes.

The process of land clearing may involve the need for earth moving equipment like bulldozers, tractors, excavators and loaders etc.

Land clearing in Nigeria can be done in a professional and non-professional way. At Veggie Grow, we can help you to clear your land. We have the capacity to clear several hectares of farmland or land for construction and mining work.

Land clearing in Nigeria

Methods of Land Clearing

The following are the methods of land clearing:

  1. Dozing and Grubbing
  2. Hand Clearing
  3. Mulching
  4. Bush Burning

Dozing and Grubbing

This method of land clearing involves the use of heavy land clearing equipment like bulldozers. The advantage of this method of land clearing is the speed at which the land will be cleared.

With dozing, land can be cleared at a fast pace. A single bulldozer can clear several hectares of farmland within a day.

Care must be taken when using bulldozers for land clearing for farming. The top soil must not be removed.

Hand Clearing

Hand clearing is the most time consuming of all the methods of land clearing in Nigeria. Hand clearing involves the use of hand tools like cutlasses, hoes and sickles etc. for the clearing of trees, stumps, weeds and brushes from a farmland.


Mulching is an alternative method to land clearing through hand clearing, dozing and grubbing. Mulching involves the use of organic matter like the bark of trees to cover the surface of the soil.

Plastic mulches can also be used to cover the surface of the soil to prevent the growth of weeds.

Bush Burning

Bush burning can be an effective way of clearing a land. Bush burning involves the use of fire to kill the trees and plants on the land.

Bush burning can affect the nutrient profile of the soil and increase the risk of erosion. Bush burning is not environment friendly as a lot of beneficial organism can be killed when the land is burned.

Benefits for Land Clearing

The following are the reasons for land clearing:

  • Land clearing enhances farming activities. When a land is cleared, it will be easy to engage on farming activities on the land.
  • With land clearing, construction work can easily be done. Houses, dams and other projects can be embarked on when a land is cleared.
  • Professional land clearing speeds up the process of the removal of trees, brush and weeds.
  • The removal of trees and weeds from a land can enhance the yield of crops as the plants will have better access to sunlight and improve its photosynthetic process.

Cost of Land Clearing in Nigeria

The cost of land clearing in Nigeria varies from ₦30,000 – ₦500,000 per hectare. The following factors impact the cost of land clearing in Nigeria:

The nature of the land

It is usually more expensive to clear land in the rain forest zone in Nigeria than the savannah zones of Nigeria.

The forest in the rain forest belt of Nigeria is dense and full of trees and brush while the savannah belt is populated by mainly short trees and grasses.

Does the land have water?

Land in water logged areas can be more expensive to clear. Clearing land in the swampy mangrove forest of Nigeria can be very expensive.

The method of land clearing used

The use of manual method like hand clearing can be time consuming and more expensive. The use of mechanized equipment like bulldozers can also be costly; however, it is less time consuming and efficient.

What is Bush Clearing?

Bush clearing is a type of land clearing that involves the removal of trees and weeds for the purpose of farming activity.

Bush clearing can be done with the use of bulldozers, tractors and loaders. Bush clearing can also be done with the use of cutlasses, hoes, sickles and the use of fire (bush burning).

Bush clearing in Nigeria is common farming activity.

Our Land Clearing Services

At Veggie Grow, we offer land clearing services. We are one of the leading land clearing service provider in Nigeria. Our land clearing services include the following:

  1. Deforestation and Removal of Vegetation for Farming and Construction Purposes.
  2. GPS Land Clearing Services
  3. Removal of stubborn and invasive weeds
  4. Ploughing, harrowing and ridging
  5. Removal of water hyacinth and seaweeds

Should you need land clearing services in Nigeria, kindly contact us on 08025141924.

Ayo Akinfolarin

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