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How to use calcium nitrate for tomato plants

Gbenga, a tomato farmer complained to an agronomist about the diseases and pests on his tomato plants. The agronomist reviewed Gbenga’s fertilisation schedule on his farm and he recommended that Gbenga should use calcium nitrate tomatoes. Surprisingly, Gbenga noticed that after applying calcium nitrate fertiliser to his farm, the intensity of diseases and pests on […]

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Green shade net and its uses

Green shade net is a type of agro shade net used for the cultivation of crops, scaffolding, beautification of houses and car parks etc. A green shade net has a green colour and shades sunlight in a peculiar way. The way it shades sunlight can be beneficial to crops as it has been proven that […]

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Plastic Mulch and Drip Irrigation

The use of plastic mulch and drip irrigation tapes go hand in hand. Plastic mulch can also be used without drip irrigation tapes or pipes. However, during the dry season when there is no rain, it is better to use plastic mulch with a drip irrigation system. Plastic mulch is a type of farm technology […]

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