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Kenaf Seeds in Nigeria

There are two types of Kenaf Seeds in Nigeria namely Ifeken D1 400 variety and Ifeken 400 variety. These varieties of kenaf seeds have good yields.

Ifeken D1 400 variety and Ifeken 400 varieties can also tolerate the common tropical diseases in Nigeria.

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Ifeken D1 400

This kenaf variety has a high fibre yield and the stalk diameter is relatively uniform. It can grow in the rain forest belt and the savannah belt of Nigeria.

The yield of this variety is 0.7 tonnes per hectare.

Ifeken 400

This kenaf variety is highly tolerant to nematode disease. This variety does well in the forest and savannah zones of Nigeria.

The yield of this variety is about 1.1 tonnes per hectare.

Where to Buy Kenaf Seeds in Nigeria?

Kenaf seeds are not common in Nigeria. However, we stock good kenaf seeds. We sell the two main kenaf varieties in Nigeria.

We can also process phytosanitary certificate for you and import kenaf seeds from other countries.

A Recap of Kenaf Farming

Kenaf farming is the cultivation of kenaf crop from the stage of seeding to the final stage of harvesting and processing the kenaf seeds and fibres to other products.

Kenaf farming has been described as one of the most lucrative farming ventures in Nigeria, however, only a few people know how profitable the cultivation of kenaf can be.

It is not uncommon to see farmers who planted 2kg of kenaf seeds and harvested 65kg of kenaf seeds. The price of kenaf seed per kg is N2500. In this case, if you invest N5,000, you may likely get a sales revenue of N162,500.

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