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Is shade net farming profitable in Nigeria?

Shade net farming is the use of shade nets in the cultivation of crops. Shade net farming can be profitable in Nigeria if you are a skillful farmer and you know the types of crops that can do well under shade.

Some crops do not tolerate excessive sunlight, this type of crops may not have good yield as expected, hence, losses may set in for the farmer.

You may want to ask, what really is a shade net? A shade net is a material used to reduce the impact of sunlight or heat on crops, buildings and other things that need to be protected from sunlight. Shade nets are usually manufactured with polyethylene.

There are several types of shade nets. Some shade nets are categorized by the thickness, some by the percentage of light that can penetrate it and some by the length.

Some shade nets are also categorized by colour. There are red shade nets, green shade net, black shade nets and blue shade nets. These coloured shade nets have their own uses.

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How to engage in shade net farming

To do shade net farming, you need to follow the following steps:

Find a suitable location

Do you want to do shade net farming in Lagos or Abuja or Jos or Kaduna or Kano or Port Harcourt or Owerri or Asaba or Taraba or Ogun? This is a question you need to ask yourself. For example, the hot temperature in February-April every year in Nigeria may negatively impact tomato flowering in places like Kano and Katsina. You may need a shade net to reduce the impact of the intense sunlight and heat in these locations during the hot season.

Choose the crop you want to cultivate

Not all crops do well under shade nets. You need to carefully choose the crops you want to cultivate. Tomatoes, kale, sweet pepper, cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage do well under shade nets. You also need to check if the climate of your location favours the cultivation of the crops you want to grow.

Construct a poly tunnel or any type of tunnel

You have to construct a frame like a poly tunnel or a greenhouse. The shade nets will be wrapped around the constructed frame. Wooden planks or iron poles can be used for the construction work. PVC pipes can also be used if you want to cut cost.

For Nigerian climate, you should only use 30%-50% shade nets.

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