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How to Install a Rain Gun

The rain gun is a type of sprinkler used for spraying uniform droplets of water to plants. It is one of the commonest irrigation devices in Nigeria. The rain gun sprinkler sprays water to crops while rotating around.

To install a rain gun on your farm, you will need tools and materials like pliers, wrench, bolt, nuts, gums, screwdrivers, threads and fillers etc.

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How to install the rain gun

The following steps should be taken when you want to install a rain gun sprinkler on your farm:

  1. Buy the rain gun from an accredited dealer or vendor. Never buy a cheap rain gun, you may be running the risk of buying a substandard product. Veggie Grow is one of the irrigation vendors in Nigeria that sells high quality irrigation systems.
  2. Develop your source of water. A water reservoir is needed for a rain gun. You cannot use a borehole or well for your rain gun. If you want to use a borehole or well, you will need to have a water reservoir.
  3. Get a water pump and lay a suitable pipe or hose across your farmland. The pipes or hoses should serve as the main line and the submain line.
  4. Install the rain gun tripod on the farmland. The tripod should be held firmly to the ground with the use of stakes or anchors.
  5. Use a wrench and other tools to connect the rain gun connector and the rain gun sprinkler together.
  6. Screw the rain gun sprinkler to the tripod stand.
  7. Connect the pipe or hose to the rain gun sprinkler.
  8. Pump water into the rain gun irrigation system and check if it is working as expected.
  9. You can adjust the angle of spraying of the rain gun by adjusting the pins on the rain gun.

Tools and Materials needed for the Installation of a Rain Gun

The following tools and materials are needed for the installation of a rain gun:

  1. Wrench
  2. Hammer
  3. Screwdriver
  4. Bolt
  5. Nuts
  6. Pipe Remover
  7. Gum
  8. Cement
  9. Anchors or Ground Stakes
  10. Thread

The above tools and materials are needed to install the rain gun and make it work as expected. The wrench is used to tightly fit a pipe to another pipe. The gum is used for attaching two or more pipes together.

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