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How plastic mulch significantly increased my yield and income

The use of plastic mulch on my tomato and cucumber plants increased my yield by 90% and increased my income by 195%. This is what Ahmad (Our client) told us after using the plastic mulch he bought from us. Veggie Grow has consistently provided innovative solutions to the challenges of farmers in Nigeria; here is one of our solutions that positively impacted Mr. Ahmad.

Ahmad has been growing cucumbers and tomatoes for over 5 years in Nigeria but weeding has always been his problems. His farm hands and labourers he hires often leave his farm to overgrow with weeds, thereby reducing his yield and income.

This problem almost led Ahmad to jettison farming since he could not get farm hands that will assist him in weeding as at when due.

How plastic mulch turned around the farming business of Ahmad

Reduction of weed pressure

After Ahmad installed the plastic mulch he bought from us on his seed bed, he noticed that no weeds grew on the beds. This made his cucumber and tomato plants grew bigger, as these plants were no more sharing water and nutrients with the weeds again.

Disappearance of tomato bacteria wilt

Ahmad struggled with tomato bacterial wilt for years. Immediately, he used the plastic mulch on his tomato field, the issue of tomato bacteria wilt disappeared. Ahmad was later informed that the non-usage of cutlasses and hoes to remove weeds on his tomato farm stopped the tomato plants from having wounds on their roots. This made it impossible for the bacteria causing wilt to penetrate the plants.

Increased yield and income

Ahmad who was considering exiting farming business now makes good money from his cucumber and tomato farms. Thanks to the effects of plastic mulch. Ahmad used black plastic mulch, red plastic mulch and blue plastic mulch on his farms. All the mulches increased Ahmad’s crop yield.

Ahmad’s farm also had the following benefits:

Increased availability of moisture for his crops

Reduced need for labour and a decrease in wage bills

No need to worry about the availability of labour for weeding again

Increased overall profit

Plastic mulch can be very beneficial to farmers. Should you need, kindly contact us through or call 08025141924.

Ayo Akinfolarin

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