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How long does it take for cucumbers to grow?

Cucumber has a short term, it grows within weeks. One of the reasons why people love the growing of cucumbers is because of its short term nature. If the conditions are right, you can start harvesting your cucumbers within a matter of weeks.

Some varieties of cucumbers can reach harvesting stage as early as 35 days. We have varieties of cucumbers that can reach maturity in 55 days too.

In the growing of cucumbers, a lot of factors impact the maturity of cucumbers.

How long it takes cucumbers to grow

Factors that may affect how long it takes for cucumbers to grow

The following are some of the factors that can impact how long it will take for cucumbers to reach the harvest stage:

Variety of Cucumber Seeds

The variety of cucumber seeds planted can determine how long the cucumber grow before it reaches maturity.

For instance, cucumber varieties like Darina F1 and Greengo F1 can reach the harvesting stage at 35 days. Monalisa F1 cucumber variety also takes about 45 days to reach its harvesting stage.

A lot of the hybrid cucumber seeds in Nigeria reach the harvesting stage within the first 45 days while the open pollinated cucumber varieties reach maturity much later than the hybrid varieties.

The open pollinated cucumber variety Poinsett for instance reaches its harvesting stage after 55 days, much longer than the hybrid varieties.


The weather condition of your cucumber farm site can impact how long it takes for the crop to reach maturity.

During rainy and cool weather, cucumbers tend to take a longer time to grow. In temperate climates, cucumbers take a longer time to grow than in tropical areas.


The use of some types of fertilizers can speed up the growth of cucumbers. The right usage of nitrogenous fertilizers can speed up the vegetative growth of cucumbers. However, reckless usage of fertilizers may delay harvests as the plant may continue to grow large leaves.

Potassium and calcium fertilizers when used in an optimal way can also speed up the growth of cucumber plants.


In warm temperature, cucumbers reach maturity early. This explains why cucumbers reach harvesting stage within a short time in tropical areas like Nigeria.

Soil Condition

The level of fertility of your soil can also impact how long your cucumbers will grow. Cucumbers can reach maturity early n very fertile soils.

Level of Diseases and Pests

Pests and diseases can delay the growth of cucumbers and also impact the maturity time. Some pests and diseases can delay flowering and fruiting in cucumbers, this will delay the plants to reach their harvest stage.

Stages of Growth in Cucumbers

The following are the stages of growth in cucumbers:

Seeding stage

This is the stage at which the cucumber seeds are planted in the planting hole. The seeds are expected to sprout after 3-5 days.

Vegetative stage

This is the stage when the cucumber leaves expand. For photosynthesis to be optimal, the vegetative stage must be well optimized.

Flowering stage

The flowering stage is the stage when the cucumber plants produce flowers. The plants produce male flowers and female flowers at this stage. It should be noted that some varieties produce only female flowers.

Pollination occurs at this stage.

Fruiting stage

This is the stage at which the cucumber plants produce the cucumber fruits.

Harvesting stage

This is the stage when the cucumber fruits are ready and big enough for harvest.

Now that you know that you can grow your cucumbers within weeks, why not try growing of cucumbers out.

Ayo Akinfolarin

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