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The greenhouse net is a polythene made net used for covering the greenhouse. The greenhouse net can be placed on the greenhouse; it can also be placed at the sides of the greenhouse.

The greenhouse net can provide some shade for the plants in the greenhouse. It can also be used an insect screen. The insect screen prevents the entry of insects and flies into the greenhouse.

Our greenhouse net is made of HDPE monofilament woven fabric. It can last several years because of the quality of the material used in its production.

This greenhouse net can help in improving the yield of greenhouse crops because of its sunlight shading ability and its ability to prevent insects and pests that can transmit diseases from one plant to the other.

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Specification of the Greenhouse Net

  • The greenhouse net has a screen hole of 0.0106 x 0.0422 (266 x 818).
  • It comes with a micron size of 300.
  • The material of production of the greenhouse net is HDPE monofilament woven fabric.
  • The greenhouse net comes with a thread size of 0.20mm.
  • The shade value of the greenhouse net is 40%.
  • It is also UV resistant.
  • The weight of the greenhouse net is 9.5kg.

Product Characteristics of our Greenhouse Net

The following are the characteristics of our Greenhouse Net:

  • The greenhouse net can resist the ultra violet rays of sunlight, this means that it can last long.
  • The greenhouse net can shade 40% of the rays of the sunlight.
  • The thread size of this greenhouse net is 0.20mm.
  • The micron size of this greenhouse net is 300.
  • The width of the greenhouse net is 160 inches.

Uses of the Greenhouse Net

  • The greenhouse net is used for insect control or the prevention of the entrance of insects into a greenhouse.
  • The greenhouse net can be used to shade the sunlight the crops in the greenhouse get.
  • The greenhouse net can guard the plants in a greenhouse against the elements.
  • Our greenhouse net can also be used for the construction of animal pens.

Advantages of using the greenhouse net

  • The use of a greenhouse net in farming can help to elevate the yield of crop.
  • The greenhouse net can serve as an insect screen or shield in greenhouse farming. Insects can transmit viral diseases to plants and reduce crop yield.
  • The greenhouse net can also shade away the harmful rays of the sunlight.

FAQ on Greenhouse Net

1) Question: What can a greenhouse net be used for?

Answer: The greenhouse net can be used for greenhouse farming and the building of animal pens.

2) Question: Does the greenhouse net come in different colour?

Answer: Yes, our greenhouse comes in colour specification of white, blue and green.

3) Question: How long can the greenhouse last?

 Answer: The greenhouse net can last for 3 – 5 years.

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