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Greenhouse Cover in Nigeria – Buy Now!

The greenhouse cover is a polythene material used for protecting the plants in a greenhouse from the elements. The greenhouse cover is placed on the top of the greenhouse. It prevents water and excessive sunlight from getting into the greenhouse.

Our greenhouse cover can allow the transmission of 90% of the rays of sunlight. It is strong and durable. The greenhouse cover can last for several years. Our greenhouse cover is UV resistant. This means that the UV rays of the sunlight cannot damage it.

Our greenhouse cover does not allow mist to stay on it. It also drains any water on it; this can go a long way in reducing the risk of fungal infections on the plants in the greenhouse.

We have two types of greenhouse cover namely the Solarig Greenhouse Cover and the Solaris Greenhouse Cover.

greenhouse cover in Nigeria

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1,100 SQM



Price of Greenhouse Film in Nigeria

The price of greenhouse cover in Nigeria ranges from ₦50,000 - ₦150,000 depending on the size and other parameters.

Specification of our Greenhouse Cover

  • The size of our greenhouse cover is 1,100 square metres.
  • The material used for production of our greenhouse cover is polythene.
  • The thickness of our greenhouse film is 200 microns.
  • The greenhouse cover has anti-fog capability and UV resistance capability.
  • This greenhouse cover can last for 3 – 4 years.
  • The weight of the greenhouse cover is 10 kilogram.

The uses of the greenhouse covering film

The following is the uses of the greenhouse film:

  • The greenhouse cover is used for covering the greenhouse and protecting the plants in the greenhouse from the elements.
  • The greenhouse film can also be used to cover all the sides of the greenhouse.
  • The greenhouse cover can protect the plants from insects and plants.

Advantages of Using a Greenhouse Cover

The following are the advantages of using a greenhouse cover:

  • The protection it makes available for the plants can go a long way in preventing diseases.
  • The use of greenhouse cover on the top and sides of a greenhouse can reduce the cost of insecticides.
  • The use of a greenhouse film can increase the yield of crop.
  • The greenhouse cover can be used to extend the growing season for some crops.

How to Install the Greenhouse Film on a Greenhouse

  • To install the greenhouse cover, you need to use a climbing pole or ladder.
  • Lay the greenhouse film firmly across the greenhouse and make sure it is spread on the greenhouse.
  • You may need 2 – 3 people to lay the greenhouse cover on the greenhouse.
  • An anchor or rope should be used to hold the greenhouse cover in place during installation.

To buy our greenhouse film or cover, please call us on 08025141924.

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