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East West Seeds Hybrid Cucumber Variety


Greengo F1 cucumber seed is one of the most popular cucumber varieties in Nigeria. This variety of cucumber was developed by East West Seeds, one of the most popular seed breeding companies in the world.

Greengo F1 is a slicing cucumber variety; this variety produces cucumber fruits with deep green colour. The deep green coloured cucumber fruits are the most marketable type of cucumber fruits in Nigeria. Sellers and consumers prefer deep green coloured cucumber fruits than the pale green coloured type, hence, the preference for cucumber variety like Greengo F1.

Greengo F1 cucumber variety will produce a lot of fruits even without the presence of bees. We have tried this variety on several occasions; they produced so many fruits with little or no bees.

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Greengo F1 is not season specific; it can be planted in all seasons in Nigeria. It does well in the dry season and the rainy season. This variety performs very well in tropical conditions like the climatic condition of Nigeria.

Greengo F1 can also grow well in all states in Nigeria. It does well in the rain forest, mangrove swamp, guinea savannah, sudan savannah and sahel savannah. This means that Greengo F1 can be planted in Lagos State, Ogun State, Ondo state, Kano State, Oyo State, Abuja, Rivers State, Delta States, Imo state, Plateau State and all states in Nigeria.

Greengo F1 cucumber seed is an hybrid seed that is tolerant and resistant to a lot of pests and diseases. This variety has good tolerances to viral diseases, downy mildew, powdery mildew and some other diseases. To make money from cucumber farming, you are advised to cultivate this variety.

You can buy this seed by contacting Veggie Grow through or call 08025141924.

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Characteristics of Greengo F1 Cucumber Seed

Just like Murano F1 and Darina F1 , Greengo F1 variety of cucumber has large leaves. This large leaves enhances the process of photosynthesis, makes the plant produce more food and increase the yield of the cucumber plant. Better yield means good profit for farmers.

Greengo F1 from East West Seeds grows very fast, this variety of cucumber can reach up to 11 feet in height within 6 weeks.

The typical length of the fruit of Greengo F1 is about 18-20 cm and a diameter of 4-5 cm.

Greengo F1 cucumber plants produce deep green cucumber fruits which is the most preferred type of cucumbers in Nigeria.

Like other varieties of cucumbers, Greengo F1 plant has a crawling habit. It is better staked.

Greengo F1 has tolerance and resistance to downy mildew.

Greengo F1 variety has resistance to cucumber mosaic virus disease.

Greengo F1 cucumber seeds can resist powdery mildew.

The maturity time of Greengo F1 is between 40-50 days depending on the weather condition of your location.

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Advantages of planting Greengo F1 cucumber seeds

Farmers that have planted Greengo F1 cucumber seeds have harvested up to 600 bags of fresh cucumbers from just one acre of farmland. A bag of fresh cucumbers in Nigeria weigh between 40-45kg. Greengo F1 variety if planted well can be very high yielding.

This variety has a dark green colour which is favoured by sellers and consumers in Nigeria. It is one of the merits of planting Greengo F1.

Greengo F1 matures much faster than most varieties in Nigeria. It is possible you do your first harvest after 45 days.

Greengo F1 variety can be cultivated in all states, cities, towns or villages in Nigeria. It is not location specific.

Greengo F1 has good resistance to a lot of diseases and pests.

Disadvantages of planting Greengo F1 cucumber seeds

The high yield of this variety of cucumber can be a disadvantage if you do not have a good marketing plan for your cucumber fruits.

The price of Greengo F1 cucumber seeds is higher than the prices of open pollinated cucumber seeds.

Greengo F1 versus Darina F1 Cucumber Seeds

Greengo F1 hybrid cucumber variety has similar traits with Darina F1 cucucumber variety. The similarities these two hybrid cucumber varieties have include the following:

  • Deep green fruit colour
  • High yield
  • The production of high number of female flowers
  • Tolerance to tropical conditions
  • High resistance to a lot of diseases
  • Good acceptability in the Nigerian market

Some of the differences between Greengo F1 and Darina F1 cucumber seeds include the following:

  • Greengo F1 has a much deeper green colour than Darina F1
  • Greengo F1 variety is bred by East West Seeds while Seminis is the sole producer of Darina F1 cucumber variety.

We carried out two trials to measure the on field performances of Greengo F1 variety and Darina F1 variety.

Greengo F1 had a yield of 6.5% higher than Darina’s in our first trial.

However, in the second trial, Darina F1 had a 2.1% higher yield than Greengo F1 variety. The two trials were done in Agbara, Ogun State and Jos, Nigeria. This probably explains the slight different in the quantitative measurement of the yield differentials.

Greengo 918 F1 versus Murano F1 Cucumber Seeds

Murano F1 variety produced by Technisem also shares some similarities with East West Seeds’ Greengo F1 variety. Some of these similarities are highlighted below:

  • Similarity in colour – deep green colour
  • Similarities in flowering habit
  • Both varieties do well in tropical countries like Nigeria
  • Popular among sellers and buyers in Nigerian markets
  • Tolerance to a lot of tropical diseases

The key differences between Greengo seeds and Murano seeds are:

  • Murano cucumber fruits are much bigger than Greengo cucumber fruits.
  • Greengo variety seems to have a slightly higher yield than Murano variety.

Greengo F1 versus open pollinated Poinsett Cucumber Seeds (Poinsett 76)

Greengo F1 has a lot of superiorities over poinset variety. Some of the differences between Greengo F1 cucumber variety and Poinsett 76 open pollinated variety are:

  • Greengo F1 is a hybrid cucumber variety while Poinsett is an open pollinated variety.
  • Greengo F1 variety usually has a better yield than Poinsett 76 variety.
  • Greengo F1 variety has a better disease resistance and tolerance than Poinsett variety.
  • Greengo F1 variety has a much bigger leaves and plants than Poinsett 76 variety.

We also did a trial to compare Greengo F1 to Poinsett cucumber variety. Greengo F1 had a 206% more yield than Poinsett variety in our trial.

Greengo 918 F1 performance better than Poinsett 76 variety in all the quantitative indices we used.

Where can I buy Greengo F1 cucumber?

You can buy Greengo F1 cucumber seeds from Veggie Grow by sending an email to or call 08025141924. You can also visit our offices.

Experiences of those that planted Greengo F1 cucumber

We have had a lot of customers who have planted Greengo F1 cucumber seeds. Most of them have explained that the variety gave them the highest cucumber yield they have ever had.

A particular farmer in Abeokuta harvested 590 bags from one acre of farmland when he cultivated Greengo F1 cucumber variety. Some of our customers have even harvested more than 590 bags from one acre of farmland used in cultivating Greengo F1 variety.

Drip Irrigation and Greengo F1 Cucumber Seeds

We strongly advise you use drip irrigation system for cultivating this variety of cucumber. Hybrid cucumber plants need a lot of water and fertilisers, with drip irrigation; you can provide adequate water to your cucumber plants and also pass fertilisers to the roots of the plants through venture injector (drip irrigation fertigation system).

You can get your drip irrigation by calling us on 08025141924.

Price of Greengo F1 Cucumber seed

The price of this variety is affordable. You may want to contact us to know the current price.

Do you want to plant Greengo F1 cucumber seeds, why not contact us through or call 08025141924 and begin your journey to making good profit from farming.

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I have always been planting open pollinated Poinsett 76 cucumber seeds. I tried Greengo F1 hybrid cucumber seeds and I was shocked to record a yield of over 290% more than Poinsett's


Mowe, Ogun State


I was advised to plant Greengo F1 and I recorded a significant increase in yield as compared to the other varieties I do cultivate. I highly recommend Greengo F1

Epe, Lagos


Greengo F1 cucumber variety has been the only variety that performs well in the rainy season in my farm. Others perform badly in the rain season.

Port Harcourt

Ayo Akinfolarin

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