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Emitters and Drippers for Drip Irrigation

Drip emitters are components of a drip irrigation system that release water to the root zones of plants. Drip emitters can also function as drippers in an irrigation system.

An emitter can be punched on a main line, lateral or drip tape. An emitter can also be inserted on a drip tape or any other type of tubing.

Some emitters are pre-installed on drip tapes and tubes while some need to be inserted on drip tapes and tubes. Emitters and drippers release water at a constant flow rate per hour. Some emitters emit water at the rate of 1-80 litres per hour.

Most of the emitters and drippers used in drip irrigation systems work at flows of 15-20 PSI.

Emitters and drippers are key parts of micro-irrigation systems.

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Types of emitters

There are several types of drip emitters and drippers. Some of the types of drip emitters and drippers are explained as follows:

Drip Emitters

Drip emitters are installed on drip tapes and tubes. They release water in a trickle form to the root zones of plants. Drip emitters are commonly seen on drip tapes and other types of drip tubes or pipes.

Drip emitters emit water at a constant rate per hour. Some drip emitters have adjustable water flow rate.

Pre-Installed Drip Emitters

The pre-installed emitters are emitters that have been placed on drip tapes or tubes by the manufacturer.

Pre-installed drip emitters are usually equally spaced on the drip tapes.

Pressure Compensating Drip Emitters

Pressure compensating drip emitters release same volume of water irrespective of the altitude or topography of the land.

Pressure compensating drip emitters enable plants on the field to get equal quantity of water no matter the topography or slope of the field.

For instance, if a pressure compensating drip emitter is meant to emit 0.4 gallons per hour, all emitters will emit 0.4 gallon per hour irrespective of the slop of the field.

Spray Emitters

Spray emitters work like micro-sprinklers. These emitters sprinkle water to crops. They can be placed on tubes, tapes and pipes.

Spray emitters are just like drip emitters. The difference is that they spray water instead of dripping water.

Adjustable Drip Emitters

Adjustable drip emitters can be made to release water at different flow rates. A typical example of an adjustable drip emitter is a button emitter.

A button emitter can release water at a flow rate of 2-70 litres per hour. Adjustable drip emitters can be installed on tubes and pipes at a preferred spacing.


These emitters are placed anywhere on the drip lateral or hose by the farmer or the installer. It is good for crops with irregular spacing.

Some punch-in-emitters have self-piercing barbs that can create punch holes on drip tubes for the insertion of the emitter.

Do you use emitters and drippers? If yes, why not share your experiences with us in the comments’ section.

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