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Downy Mildew – Buy our magic cure for this cucumber disease

Downy mildew of cucumber is one of the most important diseases of cucumber plants. It can wreck hectares of cucumber farms within a very short time. This disease causes huge losses every year.

Downy mildew of cucumber is caused by an oomycete called Pseudoperonospora Cubensis. Though downy mildew is often explained to be caused by fungi, this is not true. This disease is caused by oomycetes which are very similar to fungi. The ooomycetes belong to the water mold group.

The pathogen causing downy mildew is disseminated by wind and water. Once the spore lands on the leaves of a cucumber plants, they sporulate and germinate.

This disease spreads very fast in humid and rainy conditions.  The spores can travel up to 1,000km within a few days.

Downy Mildew of Cucumber in Nigeria

Cucumber farming is one of the most profitable farming ventures in Nigeria. A lot of Nigerians want to farm cucumbers and make quick money. Unfortunately, the commonest disease that stops most farmers from making good money from cucumber farming in Nigeria is downy mildew.

Go to 9 out of 10 cucumber farms in Nigeria; you are likely to see downy mildew infestation on their crops.

The humid and rainy nature of most farming locations in Nigeria contributed immensely to the incidences of downy mildew of cucumber.

Ask cucumber farmers in Nigeria about the major problem they have while cultivating cucumbers, I am sure that they will tell you that it is downy mildew.

Most fungicides sold in Nigeria do not cure this disease; farmers just waste their money buying them with the hope that they will get a cure.

A farmer called me recently that he wanted to sell his farmland and all his equipment. He had cultivated cucumbers for 3 years and wasted over N7 million without any result. The only problem he had was downy mildew. I encouraged him to try our solution and he reduced the incidences of this disease on his farm by 90%. Today, he makes good money from his cucumber crop.

We have the solution to this terrible cucumber disease.

downy mildew in nigeria

Symptoms of cucumber downy mildew

  • Yellow and brown spots on leaves
  • Stunted growth
  • Increased rate of flower/fruit abortion
  • Deformity of fruits
  • Defoliation
  • Reduced crop yield etc.

Solutions that do not work for Downy Mildew of Cucumber

I am sure that you have heard a lot of pesticides sellers in Nigeria telling you to buy fungicides with mancozeb and copper oxide as their active ingredients.

Most fungicides sold in Nigeria are highly substandard; this is common with copper and mancozeb fungicides. The reckless usage of copper and mancozeb has also increased the resistance of the pathogens to these fungicides.

The truth is that these fungicides do not prevent or cure the strains of downy mildew in Nigeria. You will just continue to waste your money by applying these fungicides.

Some good agronomic practices like not touching the foliage of your plants when wet, planting tolerant varieties, avoiding overhead irrigation, responsible usage of nitrogen fertiliser, weeding and application of adequate nutrients to your crops can reduce the chances of your cucumber plants having downy mildew.

However, the humid nature of Nigeria significantly increases the chances of getting this disease.

As explained earlier, do not buy the fungicides I mentioned above. Contact us for the best solution to this disease.

Are you frustrated with the yield of your cucumber crop? Is downy mildew of cucumber hampering your chances of making profit from farming? If yes, why not contact us on today for consultation.

Ayo Akinfolarin

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