Darina F1 Cucumber Seed Review – Can I make N3 million from this seed?

Darina F1 cucumber seed is one of the most productive slicing cucumber seeds available in the market. This variety of hybrid cucumber seed can support a lot of big cucumber fruits at a time if well fed with nutrients.

The fruits of Darina F1 are deep green in colour, cylindrical in shape and big. This variety is pathernocarpic in nature, that is, it has predominantly female flowers and may not necessarily need bees for pollination.

Darina F1 seeds can be planted all year round in Nigeria and in any other location with tropical conditions. You can plant this variety in the rainy season and in the dry season.

This variety of cucumber seed is also tolerant and resistant to a number of diseases and pest. To make money in your cucumber business, you are advised to cultivate this type of seed.

You can buy this seed by contacting Veggie Grow through sales@veggiegrow.ng or call 08025141924.

darina F1 cucumber seed

Characteristics of Darina F1 Cucumber Seed

  • Just like Murano F1, Darina F1 presents with very large leaves. The large leaves make the variety very efficient in the use of sunlight for photosynthesis. Efficient photosynthesis makes plant manufacture more food and lead to better yield and revenue for the farmer.
  • Darina F1 has a vigorous growing habit. The plant can grow as high as 12 feet if staked.
  • The length of the fruit of Darina F1 cucumber fruit is between 20 – 23cm
  • The diameter of this cucumber fruit is about 4-5cm
  • The fruits produced by Darina F1 are super dark green. In most parts of Nigeria, dark green cucumber fruits command better prices.
  • This variety has a crawling habit. It yields better when staked
  • Maturity time of Darina F1 is between 40 – 50 days. It matures faster in hot climate
  • Resistance to cucumber vein yellow virus
  • Resistance to cucumber scab disease
  • Resistance to cucumber mosaic virus
  • Resistance to powdery mildew

Advantages of planting Darina F1 cucumber seeds

There are instances of farmers who harvested 500-800 bags of cucumbers from one acre of farmland (4,000 square meters) using Darina F1 variety. A bag of cucumber weighs 40-45kg.  This is one of the merits of planting Darina F1 seeds.

The dark green colour of the Darina F1 cucumber fruits appeals to buyers in the Nigerian market. The colour also makes it to command a very high price as compared to other varieties.

Darina F1 has a thick fruit wall. This makes it to stay fresh for a very long time. Darin F1 fruits can stay fresh for more than 7 days if well kept.

The maturity time of this variety of cucumber is short. You can start harvesting at 40 days. This can enable you to recoup your investment in no time.

You can grow this variety in all towns and regions in Nigeria. Be it in southern Nigeria or northern Nigeria.

It has a good resistance and tolerance to a lot of diseases and pests.

Disadvantages of planting Darina F1 cucumber

The price of Darina seeds is higher than the price of open pollinated seeds. Though, the yield will compensate for the price differential.

You may harvest too much cucumber seeds and not be able to sell them if you do not have a good marketing plan.

Where can I buy Darina F1 cucumber?

You can buy Darina F1 cucumber seeds from Veggie Grow by sending an email to sales@veggiegrow.ng or call 08025141924. You can also visit our offices.

Experiences of those that planted Darina F1 cucumber

We have planted Darina F1 cucumber seeds for over 5 years. It is one of the most high yielding slicing cucumber varieties we have planted in Nigeria.

We often harvest over 600 bags of cucumbers from every acre we cultivate. Please note that a bag of cucumber is 40-45kg. Planting this variety is one of our most profitable cucumber farming ventures.

We also surveyed a lot of farmers who planted Darina F1 cucumber, they all confirmed that the variety is high yielding and very profitable. We have customers making up to N3 million from this variety.

Price of Darina F1 Cucumber seed

The price of this variety ranges from N6,000 – N8,000 per 50 grams sachet. The sachets of the seeds also come in 5g, 10g and 20g.

Do you want to plant Darina F1 cucumber seeds, why not contact us through sales@veggiegrow.ng or call 08025141924 and begin your journey to making good profit from farming.

Ayo Akinfolarin

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