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Cucumber Sack Farming in Nigeria: Step by Step Guide on How to Start Growing of Cucumbers in Sacks

Chances are that you have thought of having a cucumber farm in small area or garden without knowing how to start. Cucumber sack farming is a possibility.

With cucumber sack farming, you can have a productive cucumber farm in your backyard, garden, rooftop or any small space.

Cucumber sack farming is a type of vertical farming concept that can be applied to cucumber farming in Nigeria.

Sack farming is a unique farming concept that has been practiced for ages. However, with urbanization, more people are now looking at ways they can use sack farming to make money for themselves.

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Inputs and Tools Needed for Cucumber Sack Farming in Nigeria

The following are some of the inputs and tools needed for cucumber sack agriculture in Nigeria:

Sacks or Bags

Sacks and bags are needed for cucumber sack farming. This is the place where the cucumber seeds will be planted. The sacks will also house the soil or any growing medium.

Soil or Other Growing Medium

Soil is the easiest growing medium to get. It is also very easy to work with soil in sack farming. Top soil should be sourced.

Manure or Compost

Chicken manure or other types of manure can be used for cucumber sack farming. This manure should be well cured so that it will be free of diseases and pests. Compost can also be used.

Cucumber Seeds

If you want to practice cucumber sack farming in Nigeria, hybrid cucumber seeds like Darina F1 and Greengo F1 are better.


Depending on the fertility of your soil, you may need fertilizers like NPK 15:15:15, calcium nitrate, potassium nitrate, chelates, foliar fertilizers and potassium sulfate etc.


Pesticides like fungicides, insecticides, miticides and nematicides are needed for cucumber growing sacks. To cultivate cucumbers in sacks or bags, you need some pesticides. These pesticides may be organic or inorganic.

Staking Nets or Ropes

Staking nets and ropes are also needed to train the cucumber vines to grow vertically. When cucumber plants grow vertically, they tend to yield more fruits.

Stones or Pebbles

Stones or pebbles are needed to be placed in the sacks or bags. These stones improve the ability of the sacks to drain well.

Some small tolls like shovels, pruning shears and scissors may also be needed.

How to set up a cucumber sack farm

The first step in cucumber sack farming is to get a suitable space. This can be your backyard, garden, rooftop or frontage of your house etc. This space must be clear and open to sunlight. Cucumbers can be grown at home using sacks.

You should also have suitable sacks for cultivation of the cucumber. The sacks can be grains sacks, well cleaned cement bags, net sacks and other types of sacks. The sacks can be sterilized if you feel they are dirty.

Holes should be created at the sides and bottom of the sacks. This will enable water to drain from the sack. The side holes will also serve as planting holes for the cucumbers.

Soil and manure are also needed. Depending on the type of soil you have, a part soil and a part manure (50% soil and 50% manure) should be thoroughly mixed together. It is better if you can get compost.

Top soil is better to be used. It is also better if the soil is disinfected. The manure should be cured as well.

Small pebbles like stones should be put in the sack or bag with the soil and manure. The pebbles will enable water to drain easily from the sacks. The use of pebbles or stones is very important in sack farming.

The sacks should be filled with the mix of soil, manure and pebbles. If you have a lot of sacks, it is advisable that you use drip irrigation systems. You can pipe several drip tubes into each sack so that the whole sack will be well irrigated.

The cucumber seeds should be planted in the soil from the top of the sack and through the planting holes at the sides of the sack. It is possible to plant up 5-15 cucumber plants in just one sack. This is the beauty of vertical sack farming, it optimizes small space.

If you can, do not do direct seeding, you can only plant the seedlings in the sacks. So, you may need to have a cucumber nursery.

All necessary agronomic protocols like fertilization, application of pesticides, pruning and harvesting should be done.

Cucumber sack farming can be done in an organic way too.

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