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Cost of starting a plantain plantation in Nigeria

The cost of starting a plantain plantation in Nigeria varies from location to location. In some locations, it is significantly cheaper to start a plantain plantation while in other locations, it may be expensive.

To start your plantain plantation, you need to acquire a farmland. Some people lease or rent farmlands for plantain plantation, I do not recommend this option. It is better you own the farmland you want to use for plantain plantation because you can harvest from your plantain farm for several years.

Cost of starting a plantain plantation in Nigeria

Cost of starting a plantain plantation in Nigeria


The cost of acquiring a one acre of farmland can vary from N40,000 to N900,000 (rural areas in Nigeria). You need to go around and acquire farmlands in the locations you prefer. Because of the long rainy season in Nigeria, farmers generally prefer to have their plantain plantation in southern Nigeria. Please note that you can cultivate plantain in northern Nigeria with irrigation.

Please note that the cost of acquiring your farmland is a fixed cost, it will only be incurred once.

Land preparation

You may spend between N15,000 – N30,000 to prepare a one acre of farmland for plantain cultivation in Nigeria. Land preparation involves cutting the trees, removing weeds, ploughing and harrowing.

Plantain Suckers

It is advised that you buy only sterile or clean tissue culture plantain suckers from accredited vendors. Do not buy uprooted suckers as these can be infected with pests and diseases. The average cost of one clean tissue culture plantain sucker in Nigeria is N150.


This cost also varies from location to location in Nigeria. The cost of labour for a one acre plantain farming venture in Nigeria all through the lifespan of the crop can vary from N40,000 to N70,000.


The result of the soil test of your farmland will determine the quantity of manure, fertiliser and other soil conditioners to use.

Some of the fertilizers that are useful in plantain farming are potassium nitrate, calcium nitrate, chelates, MAP, DAP, urea and NPK etc. Treated chicken manure can also be very useful.


Nematicides, fungicides, acaricides, insecticides and herbicides are some of the pesticides and chemicals that are needed for a plantain plantation. The quantity of chemicals to use will depend on the level of pests, diseases and weeds pressure.

There are organic versions of these chemicals.

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Ayo Akinfolarin

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