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Cost of Beniseed Farming Per Hectare

The cost of beniseed production per hectare is shown as follows:

  • Rent of one hectare farmland: ₦50,000
  • Clearing, Ploughing and Harrowing: ₦45,000
  • Beniseed Seeds: ₦40,000
  • Planting: ₦11,000
  • Irrigation: ₦290,000 – ₦640,000 (Optional)
  • Fertilizers and Manure: ₦20,000 – ₦100,000 (Depending on soil fertility)
  • Pesticides: ₦10,000
  • Others: ₦90,000
Beniseed Farming

Notes to the cost of beniseed production per hectare in Nigeria

The following are the items in the cost analysis of a 1 hectare beniseed farm:

Rent of farmland

You will need to acquire a farmland for you to engage in beniseed farming. You can either acquire a farmland or you rent or lease a farmland. Renting a farmland may be cheaper in the short term.

The cost of rent for one hectare is usually ₦50,000 depending on your location.

Clearing, Ploughing and Harrowing

The cost of clearing, ploughing and harrowing should be ₦45,000. This cost can vary as per your location. The use of tractors is faster but can also be more expensive than the use of labourers for land clearing.

Beniseed Seeds

As a new beniseed farmer, you may need to buy beniseed seeds to be used to grow beniseed. The cost of beniseed seeds needed for one hectare of beniseed farmland should be around ₦40,000.


The cost of planting of beniseed stem per hectare is assumed to be ₦11,000. The cost of planting beniseed stems varies as per location. The use of machines can reduce the cost of planting beniseed stems on large acreages of land.


Irrigation may be used for beniseed farming. The cost of irrigating a one hectare farmland of beniseed is assumed to be ₦290,000 – ₦640,000. It should be noted that a significant percentage of beniseed farmers in Nigeria do not use irrigation for beniseed growing, they rather rely on the rains.

Fertilizers and Manure

Beniseed do wel without fertilizers. The cost of manure and fertilizers per hectare of beniseed is assumed to be ₦20,000 – ₦100,000. It should be noted that the actual cost of fertilisation will vary as per the fertility of your soil. Farmers with fertile soils will spend less on fertilizers and manure.


The cost of pesticides is expected to be ₦10,000. Beniseed farmers in Nigeria hardly use pesticides because beniseed is a hardy and resilient crop. However, if your beniseed farm is infected with pests and diseases, you will need to use pesticides.


Other expenses are expected to be ₦90,000.

How profitable is beniseed farming in Nigeria

Beniseed farming is profitable if done the right way. The Returns on Investment (ROI) on beniseed farming is 50% – 300% depending on the yield and the season.

The prices of beniseed are usually high at some years. The prices of beniseed also have the peak time and the off peak time every year. The onus is on the farmer to try to harvest and sell his beniseed produce when the prices are at the highest level. This will make the farmer maximize his profit.

Beniseed or Sesame Farming

Beniseed farming is the cultivation of beniseed crop from the initial step of land preparation to the final steps of harvesting the beniseed crop, storage and marketing. Beniseed farming involves all the steps needed for a farmer to sow the seeds of beniseed in the soil till the last step of harvesting the crop.

Beniseed is more profitable with limited resources or inputs than other crops using the same resources.

Beniseed also called sesame is a drought resistant crop. This crop can thrive in the dry savannah region of Nigeria. Beniseed is also hardy, it can tolerate a lot of insect attacks unlike other crops.

Do you grow beniseed? If yes, why not share the cost of your beniseed farming venture with us in the comments’ section.

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