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Components of a Rain Gun Irrigation System

For a rain gun irrigation system to work, you need to have all the components, these accessories or components make it possible for the rain gun sprinklers to work effectively and efficiently.

Some of the components or accessories come with the rain gun sprinklers while some are usually provided by the farmer or grower.

Components of a Rain Gun Irrigation System

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The following are the components of a typical rain gun irrigation system:

Rain Gun Sprinkler

The rain gun sprinkler is the main component of a typical rain gun sprinkler irrigation system. The rain gun irrigates the crops by spraying water around the farm. Most rain guns rotate in a circular form and can spray water to a wide radius.

There are several types of rain guns namely big rain guns, alloy rain guns, PY 40 rain guns, impact rain guns, meganet anti—insect rain guns and metal rain guns etc.

Tripod Stand

The tripod is a set of three poles usually called a stand which the rain gun sprinkler is attached or screwed to. It serves as the main holding point for the rain gun so that it can rotate and spray water around.


The connector connects the rain gun to the tripod. It also enables the rain gun to rotate in a circular form.

Pump Station

The pump station consists of the water pump and the connecting valves and pipes. The water pump is usually powered by petrol, diesel or gas.

The pump makes it possible for the water flow to be pressurized in the pipes so that the run gain sprinklers can work well.

Water pumps are rated in Horse Power (HP).


A reservoir is where water is stored for the use of the rain guns. Natural reservoirs include rivers, streams and lagoons etc. Artificial reservoirs include man made dams, ponds and tanks etc.

Hoses and Pipes

Hoses and pipes are used for the transportation of water to the rain guns so that they can work well. They are also used for the distribution of water around the field.

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