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Components of a Drip Irrigation System

The components of the drip irrigation system are the parts that are assembled together for the system to function properly.

Without the components or accessories of the drip irrigation kit, the irrigation system will not do what is expected of it, which is, irrigating crops.

This post explains the components of a typical drip irrigation system in detail.

components of drip irrigation system

Components of a drip irrigation system

The following are the components of a drip irrigation system:

Drip Tapes

The drip tape is one of the most important components of the drip irrigation system. The drip tape is a type of hose with pre-installed drip emitters.

The drip tape is usually manufactured with polythene. The drip tapes are laid to run parallel to the rows of plants on a farm.

The emitters on most drip tapes are pre-installed at equal distances. The drip tapes we stock have pre-installed emitters at different intervals. We have drip tapes with emitters spaced at 20cm, 30cm, 50cm and 60cm etc.

The drip tapes also come in different diameters. 16mm diameter drip tapes are the commonest in Nigeria. There are drip tapes with diameter of 12mm and 20mm in the Nigerian market too.

Drip tapes are also sold according to their thickness. We have drip tapes of thickness of 0.2mm, 0.25mm, 0.3mm and 0.4mm etc. Thicker drip tapes can be on your farmland for more seasons than lighter drip tapes.

The emitters on the drip tapes can get clogged if you use dirty water or you fertigate frequently. In this case, you must use a filter and devise other means to remove impurities from the flowing water in your irrigation system.

Main Line

The main line is usually the main pipe or hose that brings water from the source of water to the irrigation system.

If you are suing a borehole as your source of water, the main line will be the pipe that brings water out of the borehole.

The main line can be a PVC pipe or a hose. The main line is also an important component of the drip irrigation system.

Lay Flat Hose

The lay flat hose usually serves as the sub-main in the drip irrigation system. It is laid across the farmland.

The drip tapes connect to the lay flat hose through lay flat connectors. The lay flat hose joins to the main pipe.

The lay flat is manufactured with polythene. There are different types of lay flat hose for drip irrigation system.

Reinforced layflat hose is the most superior of all the lay flat hoses in Nigeria. It can also for several years.

Venturi Injector

The venturi injector works as the fertigator in the drip irrigation system. It injects soluble fertilizers and other chemicals into the drip irrigation system.

Without a venturi injector, fertigation and Chemigation cannot be done. It is a very important component of any irrigation system.

With a venturi injector, you can inject fertilizers and pesticides into the irrigation system.


The valves are used to control the flow of water in an irrigation system. The valves used for drip irrigation is similar to that used for plumbing work.

The valve can be fitted at any point on the main line or on the lay flat hose. The backflow valve is usually fitted on the main line. It prevents the flow back of running water. This can prevent the flow back of fertilizers and other chemicals to the source of water.

Backflow Preventer

This is a type of valve that prevents the back flow of water to the source of water.

If you fertigate and pass fertilizers and chemicals through your drip irrigation system, it is a must that you use a backflow preventer. Failure to use this type of valve will make harmful chemicals flow back to your source of water.

Lay Flat Connector

The lay flat connector is also called a croco connector. It is used to connect the drip tapes to the lay flat hose.

Without the lay flat connector, it will be challenging for you to connect your drip tape to the lay flat hose.

Grommets and Take-Off Valve

Grommets are the rubber rings inserted on the PVC pipe so that the take-off valves can be inserted in them.

Both components of the drip irrigation system must be used together.


This is also called a punch tool. It is used for the creation of hole on the lay flat hose; the lay flat connector is usually inserted in the hole.

End Plugs

These are used to close up the end of drip tapes so that the flowing water in them will not waste or escape.


The joiners are used for the joining of drip tapes. They are also used in repairing damaged or cut drip tapes.


Without filters, you are likely to get your drip tapes or pipes clogged. Filters remove the impurities and unwanted materials from the drip irrigation system.

Filters block a lot of impurities from getting into the irrigation lines. Some of the components of a drip irrigation system can also be used for other types of micro-irrigation systems.

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