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Chemicals Used for Fumigation in Nigeria

Chemicals are usually used to remove or eradicate pests in our environment. The chemicals used for getting rid are the main fumigation chemicals called fumigants.

Different types of chemicals or pesticides or fumigants are used for pest control. Some chemicals are used for edibles while some are used for non-edible items. Some chemicals are also used in closed environments while some others are used in open spaces.

Some of the chemicals used for fumigation in Nigeria include magnesium phosphide, DDVP, methyl bromide and calcium cyanide etc.

Fumigation in Nigeria

Fumigants used for Fumigation in Nigeria

The following are some of the chemicals used for fumigation in Nigeria:

  1. Magnesium Phosphide
  2. Aluminum Phosphate
  3. Methyl Bromide
  4. Sulfuryl Fluoride
  5. Calcium Cyanide
  6. DDVP

Magnesium Phosphide

Magnesium phosphate comes in a solid dark gray granules or powder. This chemical turns to phosphine gas when mixed with water or any moisture. The gas produced when magnesium phosphate is mixed with water or moisture poisons agricultural pests and other types of pests including termites.

Aluminum Phosphate

Aluminum phosphate is also a type of fumigants that works like magnesium phosphide. It turns to gas when mixed with water or moisture.

Terminators can use aluminum phosphate if magnesium phosphide is not available.

Methyl Bromide

Methyl bromide is a type of fumigant that is applied in a solid state or gaseous form. It is a highly effective poisonous agent that can eradicate pests like insects, ants, beetles and rodents etc.

Methyl bromide is usually used for quarantine purpose. Care should be taken when using this fumigant in residential areas.

Sulfuryl Fluoride

Sulfuryl fluoride is usually applied as a pressurized gas. It is a fumigant used for the control of pests in farms and residential areas. It can be used to prevent pests in food storage facilities.

The body or skin should be well covered when this chemical is applied as it can cause severe irritation of the skin.

Calcium Cyanide

Calcium cyanide is one of the chemicals that can be used for fumigation in Nigeria. This chemical reacts with moisture in the air to form hydrogen cyanide. Calcium cyanide is very effective for the eradication of pests.


DDVP (2,2-Dichlorovinyl Dimethyl Phosphate) is a highly effective pesticide used for the eradication of pests in farms and residential areas. It should however be noted that this pesticide has been banned by a lot of countries as it is deemed to be harmful to human and animal health.

Nigeria’ authority (NAFDAC) is also planning to place a ban on the use of DDVP.

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