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Drip Irrigation VS Centre Pivot

Drip irrigation is a method of irrigation that involves the slow wetting of the root zones of plants. With drip irrigation, water is passed to the roots of the plants in trickles. Drip irrigation is also called trickle irrigation because of how it passes water to plants’ roots in droplets. Drip irrigation is an efficient method […]

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Rain Gun Tripod or Stand

A rain gun tripod also called stand is a three legged structure or frame used for holding the rain gun sprinklers. The rain gun tripod ensures that the rain gun is held in a place tightly, it also enables the rain gun sprinklers to rotate around. The rain gun stand is made of aluminum. It is […]

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Components of a Rain Gun Irrigation System

For a rain gun irrigation system to work, you need to have all the components, these accessories or components make it possible for the rain gun sprinklers to work effectively and efficiently. Some of the components or accessories come with the rain gun sprinklers while some are usually provided by the farmer or grower.Components of a […]

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PY40 Rain Gun

The PY 40 rain gun is a type of run gun irrigation system rated by its spray distance. The PY 40 rain gun can spray water within a radius of 30 – 40 metres. It is one of the commonest types of rain guns in Nigeria, go to any irrigation store in Nigeria; you are […]

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Rain Gun Price List in Nigeria

The table below shows the prices and other characteristics of all types of rain gun we stock in our stores and offices in Nigeria, this table also explains the rain guns we stock: Rain Gun Price List TYPES OF RAIN GUNS S/N PHOTO NAME AND SPECIFICATION PRICE/UNIT (NAIRA) Plastic sprinkler 1 Butterfly sprinkler, 1/2” & […]

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