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Equipment Needed for Maize Farming

The equipment needed for maize farming include cutlasses, hoes, tractors, tillers, ridgers and rakes etc. Small scale maize farming does not need elaborate equipment. Large scale maize farming which involves several hectares of farmland may need a lot of big farm equipment. These equipment are often very expensive. The equipment may also need high level expertise […]

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Cost of Maize Farming in Nigeria

The cost of maize farming in Nigeria depends on a lot of factors. The type of maize seeds you use for your maize farm can impact the total cost of cultivating the crop. The fertility of the soil can also impact the cost of cultivating the crop. There are several factors that can impact the cost […]

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Kenaf Seeds in Nigeria

There are two types of Kenaf Seeds in Nigeria namely Ifeken D1 400 variety and Ifeken 400 variety. These varieties of kenaf seeds have good yields. Ifeken D1 400 variety and Ifeken 400 varieties can also tolerate the common tropical diseases in Nigeria.Buy Kenaf Seeds in Nigeria Instance 1 Ifeken D1 400This kenaf variety has a […]

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How do you start a tomato farm?

Have you ever asked the question, how do you start a tomato farm? If yes, you are in the right place to know how to start a tomato farm in Nigeria. Having a tomato farm is desirable for a lot of people; however, most starters in agriculture seem confused on how to start a tomato farm. A […]

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