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What are the different types of drip irrigation systems?

The different types of drip irrigation systems are:Subsurface Drip Irrigation (SDI)Surface Drip IrrigationDrip TapeLaser Spray Tube or Microsprinkler HoseBubblersEmitter LineSubsurface Drip Irrigation SystemThis is a type of drip irrigation system that is installed below the surface of the soil. It is also known as underground drip irrigation system. The subsurface drip irrigation system passes water directly […]

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Chemicals Used for Fumigation in Nigeria

Chemicals are usually used to remove or eradicate pests in our environment. The chemicals used for getting rid are the main fumigation chemicals called fumigants. Different types of chemicals or pesticides or fumigants are used for pest control. Some chemicals are used for edibles while some are used for non-edible items. Some chemicals are also used […]

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Cost of Fumigation in Nigeria

The cost of fumigation in Nigeria varies. The cost of fumigation is determined by a lot of factors. For instance, the cost of fumigating a one bedroom apartment varies from ₦‎5,000 – ₦‎20,000 depending on the type of equipment and fumigants used. The cost of fumigating or controlling pests on a 100 hectare farm also varies. […]

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Fumigation in Nigeria

Fumigation is a method of pest control which involves the use of fumigants and gaseous pesticides to suffocate, poison and kill pests in an environment. Fumigation is very important as a pest control mechanism. Fumigation in Nigeria is a somewhat common process done to eradicate pests like cockroaches, insects, snakes, mosquito and other unwanted organisms from […]

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Pest Control in Nigeria

Pest control is the regulation, control and eradication of pests (animals, plants or fungus etc.) that negatively impacts human activities from the environment. Pests can be rodents, birds, insects or any other organism that can negatively impact human activities in an environment. Pest control is one of the most important activities in agriculture. Pest control is also […]

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