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Tomato Greenhouse Farming in Nigeria

Tomato greenhouse farming is the cultivation and growing of tomato in a greenhouse. The use of greenhouse for the growing of tomato is common in Nigeria. Farmers use greenhouses to grow tomatoes because the use of greenhouse can lead to higher yields. Greenhouses protect tomato plants from the elements. They also protect tomato plants from pests […]

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Cost of Dizengoff Greenhouse in Nigeria

The cost of Dizengoff greenhouse in Nigeria varies from ₦2.5 million – ₦4.5 million. The sizes and components of the greenhouse determine the cost of Dizengoff greenhouse in Nigeria. Dizengoff has about three different types of greenhouses. The smaller size costs about ₦2.5 million while the biggest size is priced at ₦4.5 million. Dizengoff’s greenhouses are common […]

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Greenhouse Cover in Nigeria – Buy Now!

The greenhouse cover is a polythene material used for protecting the plants in a greenhouse from the elements. The greenhouse cover is placed on the top of the greenhouse. It prevents water and excessive sunlight from getting into the greenhouse. Our greenhouse cover can allow the transmission of 90% of the rays of sunlight. It is […]

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Land Clearing in Nigeria

Land clearing is the removal of trees, brush, stumps and weeds from a piece of land. Land clearing is usually done for farming, construction, mining and horticultural purposes. The process of land clearing may involve the need for earth moving equipment like bulldozers, tractors, excavators and loaders etc. Land clearing in Nigeria can be done in a […]

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How to Plant Maize in Nigeria

Maize is a staple food in Nigeria. It is one of the most consumed foods in Nigeria. Maize is planted by burying the seed in the soil and waiting till the maturity of the maize plant to harvest the maize cob. Maize planting as a farming activity is common among Nigerian farmers. The average farmer in […]

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2-Inch Rain Gun

The 2-inch rain gun is a type of run gun irrigation system that has a 2 inches inlet pipe or hose size. The 2-inch rain gun can spray droplets of water within a radius of 20-40 metres. The 2-inch rain gun can be found in most stores in Nigeria. We stock all types of 2-inch rain […]

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100 Metre Rain Gun

The 100 metre rain gun is a type of run gun irrigation system rated by its 100 metres spray radius. The 100 metre rain gun can spray droplets of water within a radius of 100 metres. The 100 metre rain gun is a common type of rain gun in Nigeria. You are likely to get this […]

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