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Best Month to Plant Soybeans

Soybeans farming encompasses all the processes involved in the growing of soybeans. These processes include land preparation, planting of seeds, application of fertilizers and pesticides and the harvest of the soybeans grains. In Nigeria, the best month to plant soybeans is the month of June. It should be noted that soybeans is mostly grown in the […]

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Best Fertilizer for Soybeans Farming

The best fertilizers for soyabeans farming in Nigeria are Diammonium Phosphate fertilizer (DAP) and Mono-Ammonium fertilizer (MAP). If these fertilizers are not readily available in your location, the best fertilizer to be used for soybeans farming can be the Single Super Phosphate fertilizer (SSP fertilizer). The best fertilizers for soyabeans farming are fertilizers with a high […]

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Soybeans Producing States in Nigeria

Soybeans is mainly grown in the Savannah belt of Nigeria. Some of the Soybeans producing states in Nigeria include Kano, Kaduna, Gombe, Abuja, Nasarawa, Plateau, Bauchi, Sokoto, Kwara and Kogi etc. Soybeans is mainly grown in the northern part of Nigeria. Soybeans is also grown in the northern part of Oyo and Ogun states.Soybeans Producing States […]

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Yield of Soybeans per Hectare

The yield of soybeans per hectare under rain fed condition is 1.4 – 2.4 tons per hectare of dried seeds. For irrigated farmland, the yield of soybeans per hectare can be as high as 3 – 4 tons. Open pollinated soybeans seeds may not yield as high as hybrid soybeans seeds. However, some open pollinated soyabeans […]

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Cost of Soybeans Farming per Hectare in Nigeria

Cost of Cultivation Soybean  per HaDescriptionBrandUnitsQuantityRate per (Bag/Kg/Ltr)Total  Cost/haSeedsTGX 1448 2EKg30₦750.00₦22,500.00Land clearingGlyphosateLiter3₦3,700.00₦11,100.00Herbicide pre-emergenceButachlorLiter2₦3,100.00₦6,200.00Herbicide Post emergent selectiveTwigGram10₦700.00₦7,000.00InsecticideVanguishLiter1₦3,000.00₦3,000.00InnoculantNodumax10 Gram5₦1,500.00₦7,500.00MicronutrientsTecamin maxLiter1₦5,500.00₦5,500.00NPK₦0.00UREA₦0.00SSPSSP50 KG BAG4₦13,000.00₦52,000.00Total Input cost (Naira)₦114,800.00PloughingN/Ha1₦15,000.00₦15,000.00HarrowingN/Ha1₦15,000.00₦15,000.00Total Hiring cost (Naira)₦30,000.00₦144,800.00The cost of soybeans production per hectare is shown as follows:Cost of soybeans seeds: ₦22,500Land Clearing: ₦11,100Pre-Emergence Herbicide: ₦6,200Post-Emergence Herbicide: ₦7,000Insecticide: ₦3,000Innoculant (Nodumax): ₦7,500Micronutrients: ₦5,500Fertilizers (SSP Fertilizers): ₦52,500Ploughing: ₦15,000Harrowing: ₦15,000The […]

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Soybeans Varieties in Nigeria

The soybeans varieties popularly grown in Nigeria are the open pollinated soybeans varieties. There are also hybrid soybeans varieties in Nigeria; however, the adoption is slow due to ignorance and the price of the seeds. The hybrid soybeans varieties are high yielding. They also resist pests and diseases like rust and nematodes. Some of the open […]

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