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Soybeans Varieties in Nigeria

The soybeans varieties popularly grown in Nigeria are the open pollinated soybeans varieties. There are also hybrid soybeans varieties in Nigeria; however, the adoption is slow due to ignorance and the price of the seeds. The hybrid soybeans varieties are high yielding. They also resist pests and diseases like rust and nematodes. Some of the open […]

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Cost of Cassava Farming Per Hectare in Nigeria

The cost of cassava production per hectare is shown as follows:Acquisition of one hectare farmland: ₦90,000 – ₦350,000Surveying and Land Documentation: ₦90,000 – ₦190,000Clearing, Ploughing and Harrowing: ₦45,000Cassava Stem: ₦20,000Planting: ₦11,000Irrigation: ₦290,000 – ₦640,000 (Optional)Fertilizers and Manure: ₦20,000 – ₦100,000 (Depending on soil fertility)Pesticides: ₦10,000Others: ₦90,000Notes to the cost of cassava production per hectare in […]

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The Best Month to Plant Cassava

Cassava farming is the growing of cassava from the stage of planting the cassava stem to the stage of harvesting and processing the tubers. In Nigeria, the best month to plant cassava is the month of May. The month of May is one of the months of the wet season in Nigeria. There is usually abundant […]

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Cassava Varieties in Nigeria

Cassava varieties are the types of cassava cultivar planted in Nigeria. The use of good cassava varieties can enhance cassava farming business. Some of the most popular cassava varieties in Nigeria include the following;TME 419SunshineGame ChangerHopeObasanjo – 2Baba – 70PoundableCassava Varieties in NigeriaThe following are some of the cassava varieties in NigeriaTME 419TNE 419 is […]

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Stainless Steel Tank in Nigeria

A Stainless steel tank is a type of reservoir fabricated for the storage of water, liquid food products and other types of liquids. A Stainless steel tank is usually used for the storage of food products live beverages, juices and beer etc. in Nigeria. Stainless steel tanks can also be used for agricultural purposes. They can […]

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