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How to harvest cucumbers

Cucumber growing can be a great venture. Aside the profitability of this venture, it can also be a great hobby for gardeners. The ultimate aim of every cucumber farmer is to harvest cucumber fruits from the cucumber vines. Harvesting can also be an interesting activity for farmers and gardeners. What a joy seeing fresh and big cucumber […]

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Top 12 Cucumber Companion Plants

Companion plants are plants grown alongside the main crop. Companion planting can also be explained as the practice of cultivating different plants together often for beneficial reasons. Chances are that you have heard about companion planting and its benefits in agriculture. This post will show you some of the companion plants you can plant alongside […]

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East West Seeds – Buy Now

Instance 1 platinum f1 Hybrid Tomato  (Call 08025141924)      ₦ 5,500 Buy Now mekong f1 Hybrid Sweet Pepper ₦ 4,000 Buy Now greengo f1 Hybrid Cucumber ₦ 8,500 Buy Now East West seeds are the seed varieties sold by East-West Seed Nigeria Company. East West seeds are mostly hybrid varieties. These hybrid varieties are high […]

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Hybrid Maize Seeds in Nigeria – Buy Now!

Instance 1 pioneer hybrid maize seeds  Call: 08025141924 ₦ 32,000 Buy Now Dekalb hybrid maize seeds ₦ 29,000 Buy Now seedco hybrid maize seeds ₦ 25,000 Buy Now You can also buy by calling us on 08025141924 or send an email to sales@veggiegrow.ng. Hybrid maize seeds are maize seeds produced from the crossing of two varieties […]

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Drip Irrigation kit – Buy Now!

Drip irrigation kit is a system that uses trickle form of irrigation for passing water to the root zone of plants. The dripped water goes slowly to the roots of the plants where the water can be effectively and efficiently used by the plants. A typical drip irrigation kit uses a set of pipes, tubes, hoses, […]

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