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Green shade net and its uses

Green shade net is a type of agro shade net used for the cultivation of crops, scaffolding, beautification of houses and car parks etc. A green shade net has a green colour and shades sunlight in a peculiar way. The way it shades sunlight can be beneficial to crops as it has been proven that […]

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Plastic Mulch and Drip Irrigation

The use of plastic mulch and drip irrigation tapes go hand in hand. Plastic mulch can also be used without drip irrigation tapes or pipes. However, during the dry season when there is no rain, it is better to use plastic mulch with a drip irrigation system. Plastic mulch is a type of farm technology […]

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Plastic Mulch for Cucumber Farming

Plastic mulch for cucumber farming is one of the technologies that can increase the yield of cucumber farmers and make them smile to the bank. Plastic mulch also called mulching film or mulch film is a type of plasticulture technology made from polyethylene used for suppressing weed, conserving water and increasing crop yield. Ask cucumber […]

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Where can I buy plastic mulch in Nigeria?

Veggie grow is one of the biggest and most credible plastic mulch or mulching film dealers or sellers in Nigeria.  Veggie grow markets all sorts of plastic mulch materials. You can contact Veggie Grow by calling +2348025141924 or sending an email to sales@veggiegrow.ng. If you still ask yourself the question where can I buy plastic […]

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