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Blue Plastic Mulch – Can this increase my crop yield?

Blue plastic mulch is a type of plastic mulch, just like the black plastic mulch, white plastic mulch and red plastic mulch etc. It is called blue plastic mulch because the colour is blue.

Blue plastic mulch has been researched thoroughly over the past years and it has been agreed that this type of plastic mulch increases the yield of some types of crops because of its colour reflecting ability.

blue plastic mulch

Features of blue plastic mulch

The blue plastic mulch has a good weed suppression capability

It reflects the blue colour back to the plant; this can increase the yield for some crops

Improves the availability of moisture to plants

It can increase the size and number of fruits of cucurbits crops

It is easy to place on soil beds

It can negatively impact harmful microbes and other pests in the soil

It can warm up the soil and expedite seed germination

Crops suitable for blue plastic mulch or blue mulch

Below are some of the crops that have shown increased yield when they are grown under blue mulch:

  • Cucumber:  Cucumbers are called farmers’ ATM in Nigeria because of its ability to make farmers smile to the bank. Blue mulch has shown to be very useful for cucumber plants over time.
  • Watermelon: Watermelon is widely consumed in Nigeria. Blue plastic mulch has shown to increase the yield of this crop.
  • Bitter Gourd: This type of mulch has also shown to be very useful to bitter gourd farming.
  • Summer Squash: Just like cucumbers, watermelon and bitter gourd, summer squash has also shown good adaptability to the use of blue mulch.

Yes, blue plastic mulch can increase your crop yield. If you need this type of mulch or any plastic mulch for sale, please contact us through or 08025141924.

Ayo Akinfolarin

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