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Black plastic mulch for sale

At Veggie Grow, we have black plastic mulch for sale.

Black plastic mulch is the commonest type of plastic mulch used by farmers and gardeners in Nigeria. Black plastic mulch is suitable for the climate of Nigeria. This type of mulch has black colour, hence the reason why it is called black plastic mulch. It is similar to the blue plastic mulch and red plastic mulch.

black plastic mulch for sale

Types of black plastic mulch for sale

Perforated black plastic mulch

We have the black plastic mulch that has been pre-perforated with holes.  You do not need to go through the stress of making holes on the mulch if you buy the perforated type.

Black plastic mulch without holes

We stock black plastic mulch with no holes. You will have to perforate the holes on the mulching film yourself. This type of plastic mulch is cheaper than the pre-perforated plastic mulch.

Black plastic mulch with silver colour

There is also black plastic mulch for sale which has silver colour as a layer on top of the black colour. This type of mulch repels aphids.

Benefits of black plastic mulch

Black plastic mulch can be used for weed control. Weeds can significantly cut crop yields. With no weeds, there is a high tendency that the farmer will get increased yield and more money.

Black plastic mulch can also heat up the soil and kill the bad and harmful microbes that can be inimical to the growth of plants. You may say that black plastic mulch can sterilize the soil.

It can also improve the usage of fertiliser by the plants because this type of film reduces erosion and nutrients leaching.

Black plastic mulch can also reduce the risk of damaging plants’ roots during cultivation. Wounds created on plants’ roots during cultivation can lead to diseases. For example, wounds on tomato plants roots can encourage tomato bacteria wilt.

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Ayo Akinfolarin

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