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Advantages and Disadvantages of Rain Guns

A rain gun sprinkler is a type of sprinkler used for irrigation. The rain gun sprays water to plants while rotating in a circular manner.

The rain gun sprinkler has a gun shape, hence, the name ‘rain gun’. It is just a special type of sprinkler with a higher volume of water discharge rate than the conventional sprinklers.

The rain gun works with a high water pressure. A reservoir of water is needed, a water pump, hoses and connectors for a rain gun sprinkler to work effectively and efficiently.

With a rain gun, farmers and gardeners can be assured of all year round farming as it will enable them to wet their plants with water.

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The Advantages of Using a Rain Gun

The following are the advantages of using a rain gun sprinkler:

  1. The rain gun provides much needed water during the dry season. This means that farmers who hitherto cannot grow their crops in the dry season can do so with the use of rain guns. The rain guns mimic the effects of the rains as it sprays water to the surfaces of the plants and the soil.
  2. The rain gun can be used to apply pesticides and foliar fertilizers to crops at a faster rate than using other types of sprayers. The application of pesticides can reduce the risk of plants getting infected with pests and diseases. This can go a long way in improving crop yield.
  3. The effects of the water spraying of the rain guns improve the availability of atmospheric nitrogen to plants. Nitrogen is one of the major or macro-nutrients used by plants. Nitrogen impacts photosynthesis and play a huge role in the vegetative growth of plants.
  4. The rain guns can also be used to apply some types of herbicides. Herbicides can be used to effectively manage weeds on the farm.
  5. The use of rain gun sprinklers can reduce the need for labourers for wetting of crops. The reduction of labour needs will lead to a reduction in labour cost and improvement in profits for farmers.
  6. The rain guns can also be used to control insects like the whiteflies. Water sprays from the rain guns can disrupt the growth cycle of the whiteflies. Whiteflies are diseases carrying vectors, they can ruin crops and reduce yield to near zero.

Disadvantages of Using a Rain Gun

The following are the disadvantages of using rain guns:

  1. The effects of the water sprays of some big rain gun sprinklers can cause flower abortion for some types of crops like tomato. Flower abortion can lead to a dip in fruit production and an ultimate decline in the yield of the crop.
  2. The effects of water sprays on the leaves of plants can increase the risk of fungal diseases on plants. Fungal diseases can negatively impact the health of the leaves and lead to a dip in yield.
  3. The use of rain guns can increase weed pressure on the farm as the rain guns spray water indiscriminately to everywhere on the farmland.

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